Childhood reminiscing… Can I rewind time?

Whenever there comes a time in my life now where I am hitting a new chapter, I begin to reminisce my childhood. Right now, I am almost graduated and ready to take on the world. I have about sixty thoughts running through my head on what I want to do. Am I going to work or travel? Am I going to continue my education or am I going to do all three? I hope the answer is all three. I can not help but think about the period in my life where I had absolutely nothing to worry about. Literally, my biggest worry was Nick Jonas having diabetes and I have memories listening to “A Little Bit Longer” and getting emotional. Not as emotional as my best friend Claudia who, at the time, never realized he can still live a long, normal life with diabetes.

I can not even think about what else I was worried about. Oh wait, I do remember. I will never forget the moment That’s So Raven got cancelled. It was a huge hit on me or the time where Zoey 101 got cancelled because Jamie Lynn Spears got pregnant. I still do not know how she lives with herself knowing she ruined everyone’s childhood. As stressful as these events were to me, I wish I could go back ┬áin time and make those my worries again. I feel blessed for the good memories I have from my childhood especially since I have the most wonderful family EVER.

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Let’s go back, back to the beginning.

Back to when the earth, the sun, the stars all aligned. If you did not catch on to that Hilary Duff reference, you probably were raised in a different era than I was (and you are obviously not as cool). So, as you can see above, I am a pretty cute and also a little scary of a baby. I was made in Iraq and born in Amman, Jordan; coming from an Assyrian background. Born on November 21st and was a very happy baby who loved eggs. Sadly, I can not speak on much of my experiences in Jordan as I was very little do not remember anything. However, I was surrounded by the three most amazing women who I would later find to be my inspirations in life. These three women are my mother, my grandmother and my super cool aunt.

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Those three women have shaped me into the lady I have become. They are the light at the end of every dark tunnel I have had to go through. I am so grateful to have them in my life guiding me since my days in Jordan. I lived in Jordan just until my third birthday when my family decided to immigrate to Canada. Canada has been home to me for almost 20 years now. I have made so many memories here; both happy and sad. I can not imagine having a better childhood here. Another person, I have built memories with and owe a lot to is my father.

The coolest dad award goes too…

That’s my father and for a long period in my life I thought he was the tallest man in the world. He was this big guy who was always working all day to provide for us. He is the hardest working man I will ever know and he has tired himself out so much just to give my brother and I a good life. I am so grateful to have him as my dad and he will always be my main man in my life. He will always be this big guy even though he is now my height, with a thick moustache and big eyebrows. A huge part of my life growing up was also my two best friends – my older brother and as I mentioned earlier, Claudia.

He was the reason I was a tom boy…

That is obviously my brother who looked at me like an experiment to burn key chains on and nuke on Call of Duty. Growing up, most of my memories include him as I always wanted to be around him. We would play Pokemon Stadium 2 on the Nintendo 64 all the time. When the weather was warmer, we would go outside and use our laser tag set around our neighbourhood. He looked at me like I was his brother and I really felt like I was for a very long time. I looked at him like he could not get any cooler and he looked at me like I was the most annoying little thing ever. I only got hugs from him when he would do WWE moves on me and have me crying to my mother. However, we always had each other’s back at the end of the day.

This girls still a Jonas Brothers fan…

Now, that is my best friend Claudia. I grew up around her and I can not imagine being weird with anyone else. We would call each other on the phone and have 15 hour phone calls. Not even exaggerating that number, we would leave the phone on when we are showering. You can probably already tell our parents were not too fond of this phase we went through. We also used to call each other to sing to each other. Both of us could not sing at that age but we definitely thought we were the next Hannah Montana. We have had so many incredible memories together and they would just take way too long to list. Regardless, this girl has been part of my life since I came to Canada and will be part of my life until the day I am not in this world anymore.

I miss it all way too much…

As exciting as growing up is and as much as I have enjoyed the rollercoaster I have been on. I wish I could just experience it all again sometimes. I feel like I am constantly thinking about the care free times as I am hitting a milestone. Mind you, the one thing I will always carry with me is that I have always been this free spirited child who loves to take risks. I have always been known as fearless and that sometimes scares my family. However, I would never take the fearless out of me. My childhood has been this amazing period in my life. It is important to remember where you came from. It is important to remind yourself of your story on how you got to where you are today. My childhood has inspired me to be 100x better and give my kids an even better one.

Do you ever think back to your childhood and all the times you had no real worries?

Do you have a moment in your life you like to look back on whenever you are under a lot of stress? Are you like me and look back at your childhood when you are hitting a new chapter in life? Comment below and share your best memory as a kid!

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  1. My childhood was definitely a precious time. I want to be as carefree now as then.

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