Ten Places I Would Rather Be…

Oh hey there, friends!

You all probably know this but I live in Canada and the weather right now is not the warmest. While I am sipping on tea in my fuzzy socks, I like to brainstorm places I would rather be. The cold and I just do not mix well unfortunately; I really do not expect anyone to be comfortable with -30 degrees weather though. If you genuinely enjoy this weather, good for you…you are crazy. As you all know from my previous post, I love making lists so I am going to make a list of ten places I would rather be than home right now. I have never been to any of these places and I only visit them in my dreams. This list is in no specific order because…well… they all have better views than the snow.

1. Hawaii … skateboarding here would be magical

2. Bali, Indonesia

3. Bora Bora … I hope I do not lose my earrings here like Kim Kardashian though.

4. Thailand … I have an obsession with elephants so take me to the Elephant Sanctuary and I will fall in love with you.

5. Turks and Caicos Islands

6. Fernando De Noronha

7. The Fiji Islands

8. Dubai, UAE

9. Boracay, The Phillipines

 10. Queensland, Australia

I would do anything to be at any of these places right now. It would be so nice to getaway and I can not wait until my next vacation. I would love to hear about different places you all would like to travel to, comment below and tell me some of your dream tropical destinations to get you away from the cold! Let’s all talk about these tropical paradises enough and maybe we will end up there sooner than we think!

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  1. It’s 51 here today which is quite cold for middle of the afternoon in Florida. My toesies are not happy! The sky is gray and misty. Even the sun is hiding. Love your list. I’d rather be at any of those places, too!

  2. It’s 20 degrees here in New York so I would much rather be at any of these places too! Bali is especially high on my bucket list.

  3. All of these places look so much better then snowy, cold, 12 F Idaho. I would definitely rather be in all of these places too!

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