Why did I even start a blog? THE TRUTH.

I find it always interesting to understand why someone decided to embark on a certain venture. I know many wonder why I started my blog, since I have been asked this question multiple times. How did I decide to start a blog? I could provide you a list of 100 reasons, but they will never amount to how thankful I am for my blog. My blog has helped me express my thoughts in a way I never could have before. I chose to keep it as a lifestyle blog, instead of being extremely specific because I wanted to be able to talk about just anything.

I am a writer. Always. Since I was little, I found comfort in writing. I wrote diaries from when I was nine years old. I wrote stories. It is comforting to be able to express yourself with words. Words that you can choose to keep a secret forever, or make known to the public. You have so much power in your hands when you can express yourself in writing. For a long time I contemplated whether or not to start a blog. Eventually I realized that I needed to just do it and stop making excuses.

If you do not know much about me already, please click HERE and view my little autobiography.

“Start a blog” they said. No regrets.

Happy are those who take risks and this has been one of the biggest risks I have taken. This has been an investment financially, as well as, with my time and commitment. Many wonder how I make time to write these blog posts in my already busy schedule. However, when something is this rewarding and fills you up with joy, it does not feel like added work. It feels great. In the beginning, it always feel exciting. After a while, it becomes tedious when you have nothing to write about  that day or no time. However, once you stick past that and find something to talk about, it becomes therapeutic. My time to write is my time to smile.

How the idea even came into my head…

To take you back to the beginning, the idea came to me a long time ago. I always wanted an outlet where I can be creative. My next project is starting a Youtube channel, so stay tuned! If you have an account on Youtube, I recommend subscribing to me now so you have access to any videos I post in the future. You can find my Youtube channel by clicking HERE.

I wanted an outlet where I can write and people will actually listen. So I heard of lifestyle blogs, and decided to check some out. I started reading others who wrote for a blog and realized, wow this is something I would love to do!!! It took me a while to make that leap of faith and start one, but once I did, my heart was so happy! Putting the website up was an adventure, and a long story to tell so I will save it for another day. Once I saw it was up, I quickly sent it to my best friend, Tania. I got her seal of approval and posted a couple posts I had ready. The reveal was on January 1, 2018. It felt great. People can finally read my writing and see what I am passionate about.

What really pushed me to make it…

If you have been a follower of my blog or my Instagram (click here for IG), you would know I was diagnosed with Gastroparesis. You can read more about my Gastroparesis diagnosis by clicking HERE. If you research online, there is barely any information on GP. There is no treatments that absolutely work. There is no cure. This breaks my heart to speak about, however, someone has to. With the lack of information out there, I NEED that to change. Not just for me. But for all those suffering with Gastroparesis and feel like they have a lack of support, I hope my blog makes you smile. I just want them to come onto my page and feel a sense of relief that someone else feels the same way they feel. Suffers with the same disease they suffer from.

Why I think you need to start a blog…

Honestly, if you ever have the moment in life where you feel like you have information to share. Where you write something and wish everyone can read it. A blog is for you. That creative expression can make you feel so good. You do not need to create a professional website like this one if you can not afford it. Just make a basic blog and write. Someday you may be able to continue it with a paid, registered website. But for now, just write. Let your creativity flow. You never know what you will end up writing. You never know who you will inspire. Who you will impact forever.

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