Without these five things, my purse is useless…

Do you have certain items that you can not leave the house without? Items that you have to move from purse to purse all the time? You know you should not leave your home without them and sometimes you do. Whenever you do, you live in regret from the moment you leave your home. It is like your deodorant… you think you do not need it, then all of a sudden you are in a hot retail store trying on turtlenecks and you are in panic because what you thought was your city’s sewage system is you. (Anyone who has walked down the streets of downtown Toronto knows that smell is unforgettable.) I have five things that are always with me even if I have to drive back home to get them. I must add that if you are looking for a good quality Vegan leather bag, I worship Matt & Nat. Their products are made 100% from recycled products and their linings are 100% recycled plastic water bottles. Read more about the brand here.

The Five Things You Will Always Find In My Purse:
1. Travel size perfume.

This little spray bottle is genius and whoever invented it, I could just kiss you. It fits in all my purses perfectly! It is a lifesaver during long days and keeps my self confidence strong. I can not imagine leaving my home without any little perfume with me. If you do not have a travel size version of your everyday perfume, you are doing something wrong in life. Majority of major perfume brands offer a smaller size. If your favourite perfume does not offer a smaller size, you need a new favourite. If you are just as obsessed with your scent like myself, this item is life changing.

2. Pen. 

I still do not understand how people ever leave their home without a pen. You never know what you will have to write down or sign. What if someone mistakes you for a Kardashian and really wanted an autograph but neither of you had a pen? If you just had that little pen in your purse, you could have one of the greatest stories for your Christmas dinner of all time. All jokes aside, you need to be carrying a pen 24/7 and if you do not, start carrying one! My favourite pens are by Onyx and Green; they have a bamboo body with soy-based ink. I swear by this brand for all my school supplies because it has amazing benefits for the environment. You can learn more about their products here.

3. Mini Agenda. 

What if your smartphone ran out of battery and someone started planning something out with you? If you are anything like me, you have the short term memory of an egg. A mini agenda can save your life like it saved mine! I have a little black agenda I carry around with me that is small enough to fit anywhere and not take up much space. I put everything in this agenda compared to my larger agenda that I just leave at home. It is honestly lifesaving to just have this little thing that holds the important parts of your life you can not forget about after a long night of tequila shots. Organization is so important and should be to everyone. This is where your pen comes in handy too.

4. Floss

This is probably the most important item in my purse so I am not sure why I made it number four on this list. How many times have you been on a date and thought you had something stuck in your teeth? Or you were about to go into a meeting but you were craving an everything bagel just before? If you have teeth like mine, once food gets stuck nothing will take it out other than floss. Anytime I have forgotten my floss I have lived in deepest regrets. It is the worst feeling ever when I realize it mid bite of an everything bagel. I know I can not stop eating that beautiful round thing, but I also know I can not run away from black things in between my teeth. Keep your floss on you and you will never have any worries about your teeth!

5. Tissues.

One word. Sneezing. Have you ever had an intense sneeze without a tissue? You cover up your sleeve embarrassed when you could have just had a tissue on you. Save yourself the anxiety and just carry tissues. Also, you never really know when you will need extra tissues. What if you forgot to grab napkins from your favourite take out place? Sometimes when the food is too good you could have a mouth leak. What about when the person you are in a relationship with breaks up with you over text? You know you are going to burst into tears eventually even if you were praying for it to end anyways. That is just how girls are. We cry. Even when we are so happy something is happening. I broke up with my ex boyfriend in tears, yet I knew I had zero feelings for him and was going to laugh about it a minute after I left his eyesight. Just carry tissues and you will save yourself from sneezing, mouth leaks, a crying session or even a nose bleed and so much more!

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