Oh, Hello There!

My name is Elda.

This blog is my space to share everything and anything related to me, I hope you can relate to it too. I will be sharing the little things that bring joy to my everyday life. I will also be sharing my journey with Gastroparesis and Scoliosis. I hope that will inspire others suffering with an invisible, chronic illness and add a little joy to their lives. This is my personal outlet to share who I am with you all.

My ultimate goal is to positively impact the lives of others. I am a student, actress and an avid reader living in the GTA in Canada. I am a vegetarian, passionate about being environmentally friendly and an animal lover. I have a talent where I can tell different water brands apart, some may also call me a “water connoisseur” (No one actually calls me that, they refer to me as “odd”).

The name ‘Elentity’ is my first name and ‘entity’ combined. Entity is defined as “a thing with distinct and independent existence.” I believe we are all unique and have so much potential in life as humans. The moment I realized how different I am from everyone else, was the moment that I realized I could be anything I want to be. We can all take the world with our own two hands and change it for the better. We are all entities with the power to make the world ours.

When I don’t blog I am studying, working as a Marketing Representative, binge watching Netflix, dreaming of being a Kardashian and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Hope you enjoy my posts!

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