I got a puppy!… Puppy check list, what I have learned in the first month…

I got an adorable puppy named Ruby!

Judging from the first line of this post, I got a cute little puppy named Ruby. She is a Medium Goldendoodle. This is my first time ever owning a dog and oh boy… after a month, I can definitely tell you… it is a journey! I picked up Ruby on August 1st and she is absolutely the cutest and sweetest little pup.

With having a dog for the first time, I researched like crazy to make sure I was not missing anything at all. I also asked people close to me with dogs for their suggestions. Some of these suggestions worked great with Ruby and others did not. At the end of the day, every dog is completely different. You will learn more about your dog as they grow with you and you will know what works and what does not.

Puppy Checklist – need to haves!

So there are so many things I can list here but here are some of my must haves for my dog that I will recommend to anyone:

  1. Crate – Seriously, get your dog crate trained. I thank the crate for how quick my puppy learned. She was potty trained fairly quickly, minimal mistakes from day one. Also, I had the ease of mind she would not wake up in the middle of the night without me realizing. It helped with also getting her to sleep all night. After just 2 weeks, my cute puppy was sleeping from 11pm-7am. Now after a month, she sleeps from 10pm-7:30am every night. My life felt a lot better when she slept all night. I purchased a normal wired one as she won’t be able to chew through it.
  2. A LOT of Chew Toys: my puppy like most puppies loves to chew on absolutely everything. I have so many different types of chew toys. She is not destructive with her toys so I do have softer plush toys which are her favourite toys! Some people recommend getting a Kong and filling it with treats to keep them busy – my pup was not as interested as with her stuffed squeaky toys. However, I still do use the kong sometimes to keep her busy.
  3. Bully sticks or teething rings: You can get these off Amazon or a Pet store. Either or work. I have a combination and my Ruby LOVES them! They keep her busy for an hour sometimes. Definitely need these to keep them calm. I am currently working from home so these have helped when I am in a meeting and need her to be quiet in that moment.
  4. Deodorizing Spray: So I am a bit of a freak when it comes to scents and cleanliness. I purchased this natural deodorizing spray from the brand Scout’s Honor! I totally recommend this brand. It smells great and helps keep my dogs hair smelling and looking fresh in between baths. I spray it on her every day and brush it through her hair. It’s conditioning too so it has kept my doodle’s fluffy hair extra soft!
  5. Treat pouch: Obviously you will be treating your dog quite a lot and you will be giving extra treats during walks! I purchased a treat pouch that hangs from my leash and fill it with treats. Makes going on walks so much easier. Rather than putting treats in my pocket or purse, it contains them in her own little pouch!
  6. Slow feeder bowl: My dog was not a fan of this. But was it necessary? Totally! Sometimes you will get a pup like mine who eats way too fast for her own good. Her slow feeder bowl really helped her slow down when eating in the beginning to avoid digestive issues with the food. I recommend this to all as it helps control their eating in the beginning.
  7. Clicker: So everyone has their own method of training but we found positive reinforcement training to work best for our pup. We purchased a clicker and every time she does something we ask her to do, we click then treat her immediately. This has helped her associate that click with something positive and has made her learn tricks so much faster. We have had her for a little over a month and she already is potty trained, good with her crate, sits, lays down, high fives, gives you her paw, rolls over – all on command. Plus, the puppy school we put Ruby in also uses a clicker for training.
  8. Grass patch: This is mainly if you do not have the luxury of your own private backyard. I live in a condo so I am subscribed to Pooch Patch, which is a grass delivery service. As a puppy before the vaccinations are all completed, it is highly advised to avoid your pup going onto other grass where other dogs have done their business on. I refused to train my dog on pee pads as they end up associating anything soft with where they do their business. So we got grass patches so she associates with grass with her business. Makes training easier and when I transition her to outdoor during walks, it is a lot easier. Plus, we don’t ever really deal with mistakes with her.
  9. Freeze veges and fruits: The problem with dog treats is they are very high in protein so constantly giving them these treats, could just be overload of protein for them. My Ruby loves apples and green peppers. Freezing them a little bit and giving them to her has helped soothe her teething, plus keeps her busy in a healthy way! Just make sure there are no seeds on the apples as the seeds are toxic to them. Other dogs love carrots – mine did not…but definitely worth trying that too!
  10. Urine destroyer: Unfortunately, sometimes you can not avoid some mistakes with your pup! Having a urine destroyer really does help. It breaks the enzymes of the urine so there is no trace of it in that spot in your home. This will prevent your pup from being able to mark territory! Plus, it really does clean it off completely off carpets too.

What I have learned this past month…

The amount I have learned about puppies AND myself is pretty crazy in the past month. It is literally like having a newborn so you definitely want to make sure you are 100% ready. Having a puppy is definitely a challenge but it is a rewarding one. Just make sure you are ready to attend to your pup ALL day and night for the first little bit. Eventually, they become self sufficient enough to not be monitored. I am getting more comfortable with my pup now walking around my condo without being monitored. She’s been great! The first 2 weeks were definitely challenging though. It involves a lot of break downs and patience. You will get yourself into puppy blues and have mental breakdowns sometimes.

There may even be moments where you regret getting the cute pup. This is completely normal. I had so many moments where I would breakdown and wonder if I made the right choice. Honestly, just push through the rough times, eventually (and fairly quickly) you will realize you can never live without your pup! I learned how to be patient with myself and the puppy during this time. I feel a lot calmer. Plus, a dog puts you in a routine, which is much healthier for you too. Hence why they say getting a dog adds 10 years to your life.


Enjoy your new bff as much as I am!

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