Written by Joan Ting at PsycheSeeYou

 Firstly, I would like to congratulate you for finishing your 3-4 years degree courses and becoming a graduate! Now you are faced with a real challenge, finding a job. Brace yourself my dear readers. The harsh reality is that for every 100 resumes you send out, the most replies you get are 2 or 3 call backs. I have a guide that will help you and I am confident it is fairly easy to apply.

You got this!!

Once you finish your course, you should try to get some experience in your related field. You can do this by signing up for internships whether it is paid or ‘free’. For highest paid internships, you should read this blog from Business Insider whereas if you wish you volunteer yourself you can refer to Student Job which has internships that provide some allowance or simply nothing. The reasons why you should do internships are you get hands on experience, widen your networking and it is possible that the place where you intern will be your future permanent workplace. Of course the basic rules when you are accepted as intern and is called up for interview are be punctual, have all the paperwork ready and be prepared for interview.

I am sure you all spend a lot of your time with your mobile phones or other similar gadgets. It is time to put it to good use. Networking plays a very important role if you wish to enter the marketplace. Social media is your best friend, follow the companies you shortlisted or you have heard great reviews in social media. I am sure you are familiar with Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn. The last one is exceptionally well fit for your current position. The layout is easy to use, try to complete and add a lot of information on your LinkedIn account. A lot of companies nowadays are using LinkedIn to find employees to join them. In addition to that, you can follow influential people and try to follow their footsteps in order to be successful in later life.

Besides that, you can sign up for some freelance sites.

Upwork is one of the best free freelancing websites because it is a partnership between Odesk and Elance, two of the oldest freelancing websites that have been running quite effectively. There’s a wide variety of things you can do in Upwork. You can ‘bid’ for jobs online if you are good in writing, creating graphics, computer programming, accounting, legal and so on. You should watch some videos to help you out on how to start your work as a full time freelancer or you could do it as a side business as it is also a means of earning money.

When there is career fair try to always attend those. That is where you will get the most companies looking to hire under a same roof! A good tip is for you to always be ready. By that I mean you should have your resume and CV written to cater as closely as possible to the company you are targeting. Some background which is similar to the company is a bonus. It may be a little thing that people tend to miss but trust me it has greater impact. It shows that you are the ‘perfect’ match with that organisation. For example, let’s say Company A is a business that has strong relationship with a non-profit organization and you did volunteer work before during your course, it can be included in your CV. Do not put everything in your CV/resume just the main points as it is supposed to be brief and straight to the point.


Bear in mind that when you are in the working field, it is very different from studies. Working requirements are not solely on the job descriptions as stated in the post. It covers more than that such as building close relationship with your colleagues, superiors and even costumers. You are expected to be automatic, dedicated and try not to complain or whine a lot. Complaining about the job being hard while working poses negative influence towards your working place and is generally not advisable. Remember to always do your networking and bear in mind that with social media these days, nothing is private. If you feel like you want to filter posts or comments you post before that may show your ‘bad character’. I would like to wish you good luck and for you to break into the market place in ease.

Written by Joan Ting at PsycheSeeYou


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