Has Anyone Else Ever Had This Inner Feeling That Desires Adventure?

I am sure some of you have felt it. Maybe you are feeling it now. It may come in waves for you. It is this feeling where you do not want to be where you are. You desire adventure and something spontaneous to be in your life. This feeling creeps in and makes you uncomfortable sitting wherever you are. It could make you uncomfortable with your current job or it could make you unhappy with living in the city you are in. You crave something new. Something adventurous. You want to meet new people. People more like you. Go somewhere where you can figure out yourself and learn new things about yourself. Be more in tune with yourself. This feeling may make you upset especially when you feel like you can not act on it.

I am currently sitting in this feeling.

It constantly haunts me right now because all I want to do is get out there and do something crazy. The temptation to book a trip to Hawaii for two months is real. I feel like I genuinely need a long getaway by myself to discover myself. Lately, I have been in this slump where I do not really know what I want, which is okay. I have so much to learn about myself so I need to get out there and figure it all out. Pretty positive I can not be the only one who feels this way. Definitely sounding like I want to go on an ‘eat pray love’ trip and that may sound corny. Frankly, I do not care if it sounds corny because that is exactly what I desire right now.

I am in this place of constant stress and panic. Desperately trying to remove myself from it because I know I could be doing a lot better elsewhere. It really is tough when everyone around you is amazing, you are in a good place generally, yet you feel as if something is missing. You could be around a hundred people who care for you but still feel really lonely. I used to love going on dates and putting myself out there and now I do not. I lose interest in everyone I meet within 15 minutes of communicating with them. There is definitely something missing in my life far greater than attention or love. Because I get both of those.

Need for speed

I have this constant desire for my life to move in fast pace. Trying to do something bigger than just live. It is so important to achieve things far greater than what we thought we would be able to achieve. Right now, I am in this place that you may be able to relate to. This place where you want to just move faster and do something insane. Other people might call you crazy but you do not care and you should never care. Go crazy. Be wild. Do something that other people would shake their heads at. Get out there and do something others are SCARED to do. You will feel so much happier.

I have had this feeling for a while now

This desire to get out there and go on some crazy adventure is not new to me. This feeling has been inside me for a while now. I constantly feel like there is so much about myself that I do not know yet. I really want to just do something crazy and book a ticket for somewhere faraway.

Life is too short to be stuck in the same place forever.

It really is too short. So go kiss the girl or boy you want to kiss and go see that band you are dying to see live. You have ever dreamed of living somewhere else? GO DO IT! You only have one life and there is no second chance to do it all over again. Might as well make the one chance you have really great. People are constantly worrying about saving money. But for what? You have a roof over your head and you have a way to get around…what else do you need? Go enjoy your life and get out there.

What is going to come next for me?

Well I still do not know… I am trying to gain the courage to book that flight and just live my best life. I deserve it. You do too. I am trying to create a game plan so I can get out there. This desire needs to be put to rest.

Does anyone else feel the same way? Have you went out there and traveled? What is holding you back?

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