What Would You Do If You Earned One Million Dollars?!

You might be reading that title and it may take you into your day dreams of cars, homes, a dream vacation, etc. To be fair – I think that may be what majority are thinking when they envision themselves with an extra million in their bank accounts right now. Do I blame you? Nope. I would love to have an Aston Martin in my driveway right now. Or be in the Maldives relaxing for a month in a hut on the ocean. There are so many things you can do with a million.

Would you stay at the same place doing the same stuff?

There is a group of you reading this thinking your life would change and you may quit your job. There is another group of you that are far more realistic and understand that an average home in Toronto is now a million dollars. One million dollars does not get you as far as it would have decades ago unfortunately. However, it does not hurt to day dream of a totally different life.

I day dream all the time.

Just because one million dollars does not get me that far – I still like to day dream. Actually, I day dream all the time. Thinking about the luxury cars I want, the large house I want for myself and all the trips I want to take. The greatest part about being a dreamer is adding motivation into your dreamer personality and achieving all you can! Think about it for a second. What stops you from getting your dream car? Or the house you want? You probably said money. So what stops you from making a lot of money?! Is it because your current job under pays you? Or do you only have one job? Life is expensive?!

Something I learned about life is you can either make excuses or you can grab life by the throat and make it all yours. I prefer grabbing life by the throat personally. What do you prefer?

If you can dream it, you can do it!

There is absolutely nothing out of your reach in life. I strongly believe after all the hard work I put into my career, education, etc. I will end up in my dream home driving my dream car with my dream man. There is actually nothing I can imagine stopping that. It will take A LOT of work, but it will someday happen!

A million dollars could be earned by you. So instead of thinking “I wish”, think about all the things you can do with your million and make that your reality in a few years. I know people working three jobs. Or some who work one full-time position and save money to invest into stocks, properties, etc. The key is to make more of your life than your 9-5 job. Whether you have a side hustle, vest in stocks, property investments, etc. You will get to where you want to be by always doing more than the average. Anyone can go to your regular job and make your regular salary. Not everyone has the courage and motivation to DO MORE! What are you willing to sacrifice to get your million(s)?

Be the one who is constantly doing more!

Do not be the average! Save your money and flip a property. Do something valuable with your money and you will flip that amount into so much more. You will move mountains. Your life will be held by the throat. If you can dream, then just do it. As cliche as that sounds, it is true.

The reason I wanted to ask what you would do if you earned one million dollars, is because you totally can earn a million. So whatever you listed, make that your reality. Life is too short to be average or stuck living life dreaming of all the things you want but never doing anything about it.


What are you doing that is going above and beyond life expectations to make your million?!


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