Can’t Live Without Coffee?! Global Warming Causing Coffee Beans To Face Extinction!!

Yes, you read that right. Out of the 124 coffee species around the world, scientists have confirmed approximately 60% are facing extinction currently.

The reason?

Climate Change and Deforestation.

Who is this impacting?

The many farmers who make a living off of coffee production AND those who rely on it to wake them up! If you are anything like me, coffee is your blood type and you rely on it. Obviously if you know anything about global warming, this may not seem like a huge deal in comparison to other negative results of global warming. However, the amount of jobs this would be impacting is serious. Maybe your coffee addiction is not serious, but unemployment is. Even though I do believe that my addiction is serious.

Specifically, Arabica coffee is facing extinction. This is a huge issue as it is one of the most popular coffee beans in the world. Many other strains of popular coffee beans are created using the Arabica strain. This could as a result tamper the coffee industry and prevent them from developing new, better coffee beans. Approximately 50% of the crops used to grow coffee beans will be impacted by the year 2100. This is huge.

A country that will be especially impacted is Ethiopia. Even though they are responsible for a small percentage of coffee, most of their country’s income comes from coffee production. Approximately 15 million people there depend on it to survive. Ethiopia’s population already faces poverty. This would make the situation much worse for them as they would lose their main source of export income.

How will this impact you?

This will cause an increase in coffee prices, a decline in the quality of coffee and makes it more difficult to create better coffee. This means that the coffee you know and love today will never be the same. The taste will be worse as the crops will be impacted detrimentally.

Can you make a difference?

Of course you can! No matter how small or how large your step to make a difference is, it is still going to help! It is so important to take the measures you can afford to take so you can help out this lovely earth. You can make a small change in your household or take a larger step in your community. The best part? It will be a domino effect. If you make a change, someone close to you will likely join you and so on. It is so important to create a positive influence and be the change you want to see in the world. One person can change the world.

Small changes you can make to help save the beautiful earth…

There are many ways you can impact the earth in a positive way. I just thought I would share some to get you guys started on your journey to halt global warming. Especially for the sake of that cup of coffee in the morning. 😉

A huge way an individual can make a difference is cut the animal products out of your life. This means eating plant based. Although this may be difficult for you, try cutting down on your consumption and that will help as well!! This is an easy one: Use a refillable water bottle instead of plastic water bottles. There are many water stations around cities now, which makes this even easier to do.

Another simple way to create change is get yourself a reusable shopping bag and use that for your groceries! Plastic bags suck and plastic pollution is a HUGE problem! Another huge problem is food waste nowadays. Many households waste a lot of food items and how you can help? Donate food to local food banks! Another way you can help the environment is by carrying a reusable cup around with you. Instead of getting a new coffee cup every time, carry your favourite mug. This will help reduce waste heavily!

Go out there and save the planet!!!

This is your opportunity to create a change. Share this blog post with your friends to create a change in what they are doing as well!! Start small and then move to larger things you can do to help create change.

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