If you have not heard about it yet… well, you probably are living under a rock. I have constantly been hearing about this new make your own Bubble Tea place in Toronto. Multiple people have recommended checking it out! Can not forget to mention the amount of Narcity notifications I have had over it. So, I decided to finally see what the big deal was and visited it. Now, as a kid, I loved science and experimenting with test tubes so this definitely was exciting! I travelled to this little place called Labothery on Bay St in Toronto, Ontario and it was definitely an interesting experience.


The outside of it is pretty simple. I definitely like the aesthetic of the sign outside. Definitely comes off as simple and not tacky. Just like a laboratory. At this point, I was beyond excited and was running to get inside. The running partially had to do with the fact we had a wind storm. If you live in the area you know what I am talking about. I genuinely thought I was going to be blown away and prayed I would have landed in Hawaii. Instead I landed inside this little gem on Bay St.

make your own Bubble Tea

Store Design

It was definitely cool how this wall was designed. However, I was a little disappointed with the aesthetic of the place. I just expected a lot more. The concept is crazy cool and it could have been taken a lot further. I did not photograph the other side of the place, but it was just a basic white wall with chalkboards. Definitely not laboratory vibes. I definitely expected the laboratory idea to be taken a step further. Nonetheless, the store’s design can always be revamped so I was definitely still excited for the process! P.S. If you take a look at the lady on the right in the photo above…that’s my best friend! Go best friend!

Make your own Bubble Tea time!!

You get to choose between having a hot or cold bubble tea at first. Then you get to bestow your eyes on this immense amount of flavours! There was definitely something for everyone. You can pick whatever you wanted and you can have fun with it. Mind you… I am pretty basic and did not have much fun with it. All I did was the Mango Passionfruit Slush with Tapioca. I am not that creative with my drinks and just wanted to be on the safe side for this one. However, for all you dare devils there are many options to please you! Choose wisely! I do recommend the Mango Passionfruit combo! It is my go to at any bubble tea place and it has yet to disappoint!


I do not recommend actually squeezing this into your mouth. I am not actually sure if you can because I definitely did not try to. However, it was nice to pretend. I finally was at this make your own Bubble Tea place so I had to have fun with it. The next step was to pick what add ons you wanted. If you had milk tea, you could pick a type of milk and sugar. However, since I am boring and did slush, I went straight to the tapioca. I have a weird obsession with Tapioca. I think it is the texture but whatever it is, has me HOOKED! So it was definitely exciting to add those bad boys in.

Make your own bubble tea

So that is my basic combo. You toss everything you want on a tray and then you had it to the nice people who work there to combine them into whatever you wanted. The people who work there are super helpful if you have any questions! As well they are all so so nice!! So I definitely recommend talking to them. It was around $7 for the bubble tea, which was not too bad especially considering the experience. Now it was time to TRY IT!!!

Like everything else I do in my life, I had to get extra with this too. So can you! There are lab coats available for you to try on so you can fully get in touch with your science side. I finally got to trying the bubble tea (after taking tons of photos and boomerangs for the gram). It was definitely great!!! It tasted really good especially for bubble tea made from juice. I normally go to Real Fruit (multiple locations) and they make it from…well…just like the name says, real fruit. So, I tried to not compare the flavour to this one. Everything tastes better not processed. However, this bubble tea still tasted great and the experience is definitely what makes it a place worth checking out!

Would I go there again?

Maybe if I was in the area. Taking into consideration the wait time, setting and taste – I would probably stick to just going to Real Fruit. It definitely took a lot of time to get my order since everyone has to go through the process. It is definitely not a place you can quickly grab bubble tea since you have to make your own bubble tea. I definitely would stick to my other choices for bubble tea. The setting was not as cool as I thought it would be. I hope they choose to renovate and do more with it. The process of making your own, was definitely cool though!

Would I recommend going there?

Definitely! Everyone should experience it even if it just once. Then you can let me know how you feel about the place. You can comment on this post if you have already been and let me know what you think. I totally recommend if you have not been to make a trip there. But only when you have time. Do not go there when you are in a rush! Enjoy the experience and come back and let me know how you enjoyed it!

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