My FAVOURITE Brunch Spot In Hamilton!!!

Brunch Hamilton

Breakfast is great and all but brunch is the most important meal of the day. Brunch is not too early and not too late either. It is the perfect time of the day. I am from a city called Hamilton, Ontario and if you are not too familiar, it is about an hour away from the city of Toronto. One of my favourite things about Hamilton is the FOOD. I know many of you might be thinking, well isn’t Toronto’s food options better? Though I love Toronto’s foodie spots, Hamilton’s are by far my favourite.

One of my favourite places in Hamilton to eat is St. James Espresso Bar & Eatery. My friend Emma and I have eaten our body weight at this place. It is honestly incredible and never disappoints plus it is the cutest little place!

Brunch at St. James

St. James Espresso Bar & Eatery on 170 James St N., Hamilton, ON

If you are from Hamilton or from the surrounding areas and have not been to this little place, you are totally missing out! It is such a laid back, cozy place to spend part of your day in. It is a smaller spot, so I do recommend having some spare time to wait as there is usually a wait time BUT it never takes that long! Plus, I think I would wait two hours if I had to because this place is legitimately the best place I have ever eaten brunch at. Β On another positive note, they have awesome hot beverages – my favourite being their cappuccino.

Brunch at St James

For the dairy free people out there, they do offer non-dairy options for the milk used in their beverages. Many places do not have much of a milk selection so it is a huge advantage for St. James that they do! Plus, if you are an almond milk drinker like me…you are in luck here!

Here is a picture of my beautiful brunch buddy, Emma!

Emma brunch

If one of your close friends does not appreciate the value of brunch, you definitely need to reevaluate your friendships. Emma and I like to pretend we will go to new places all the time to try out their brunch but somehow we end up here every single week. It is difficult not to become obsessed with this place from the moment you walk in!


To be honest, these are 90% of the reason why we love to come here so often. They are the fluffiest pancakes I have had. They change up their toppings constantly so the pancakes are not normally the same which is nice. You constantly are trying new flavours and they have never disappointed. I totally recommend any first timer to get these, you will fall in love!

Eggs Benny stole my heart!

They normally do not have these bad boys on the menu but we were informed they have Eggs Benedict once a month. They were incredible! We swapped the Peameal bacon that was supposed to be on the plate for avocado since I am vegetarian. Their toppings for their Eggs Benny do change every month but they are delicious and worth every penny!

Normally, we do get their Avocado toast which is definitely my favourite item on their menu so I do recommend that if you enjoy Avocado!

Overall, I recommend this place and rate it as the best brunch spot in Hamilton! I could be here everyday and never get sick of it.

If you would like to learn more about this place you can view their website by clicking HERE. I also totally recommend checking out their Instagram page for their delicious food updates by clicking HERE.

If you have any other brunch spot recommendations in or around the Hamilton area, please leave a comment below!!

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