Happy December! 7 MUST Things To Do This Christmas Season in Toronto.

If you have not spent a holiday season in Toronto, you are missing out. There are so many things to do and it is so festive here. So if you love that Christmas joy, you will adore Toronto and what it has to offer. There is always something to do. Something about December, brings me instant joy. Even though it means another year is over and I am still not Angelina Jolie. I am a holiday lover!

7 MUST things to put on your to-do list this Christmas time in Toronto!

Toronto Christmas Market

This is one of those must things to do for everyone around the Toronto area! It automatically is added to everyone’s to-do list. If you have not been, you are missing out! The Distillery District in Toronto is decked out for the holidays. You can listen to carols being sung by the wonderful choir, take many photos because this area is photo-op friendly all season! I recommend trying the potato chips on a stick while being there. You will NOT regret it!

Nathan Phillips Square

This wonderful little area in Toronto is decked out for the Holiday season as well! You can ice skate there if you are into that. There are hot chocolate stands. There are so many things you can see and do. Plus if you love bright lights, this is the area to go to. Also, every NYE, they have a celebration here so if you are looking for something loud and fun to do with you families, this may be the right spot to go to.

Winter Fun @ Ontario Place!

This is a newer addition to Toronto! Ontario Place has a winter program now and it is lovely! There are bright lights everywhere. You can ice skate here. You can catch a movie at the cinesphere here. The best part of this experience? ROAST MARSHMALLOWS BY A FIRE! Seriously…how much more seasonal can you get? I definitely recommend checking out this place in the evening if you are looking for something to do. Definitely worth it.

Bloor-Yorkville Winter Displays

I am sure if you are from here you know what is in this area. All the beautiful stores you window shop at whenever you are free. Well here is your excuse to go there and dream about having an unlimited bank account. All the luxury retailers there have little Christmas competitions with their window displays. They decorate them so pretty so I definitely recommend checking that out.

Fondue at BeerBistro

This is located by the Toronto Christmas Market so I recommend killing two birds with one stone. Go to both in the same evening! The cheese & lager fondue here is lovely. You will not regret it. Plus it is perfect to get you feeling cozy and in the holiday spirit.

Take a photo with Santa Claus!

There are many places you can do this one at! But you definitely need to do it. Eaton Centre always has a Santa Claus up until Christmas. Another idea is just take one at Toronto Christmas Market. Now you have three things to do that evening! Attend the market, eat fondue and get a photo with ol’ Saint Nick!

The Bentway

This is one of Toronto’s newer skating trails. It is definitely a must if you enjoy skating. Plus it is such a cute date idea unless you both can not skate. I know I can not skate. I would love to learn though. But until then, I will just admire those on the trail.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

If you have any other awesome ideas for people to check out this season, comment them below! I would love to hear them and get new ideas.

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