Summer is finally here. Everyone from Toronto knows that Summer in Toronto is the best time of your life. From different festivals to amusement parks to all the amazing food. You really can not have it any better than Summer in Toronto. There are so many amazing things to do. If you have not experienced living in Toronto in the summer, you are missing out. I guess you can make up for it by just visiting frequently. I have created a list of seven things you must make time for this Summer in Toronto.

Obviously…the amazing rooftop patios in Toronto.

Toronto has a wide selection of rooftop patios that are a must to experience. I recently went to a place called KOST Toronto (that is where I am in my featured image). It was MAGNIFICENT. I totally recommend it! It is located on the 44th floor of the Bisha Hotel. I am going to make a post soon with a bunch of rooftop patios I recommend so stay tuned for that.

Canada’s Wonderland

I know you are probably screaming BASIC. However, Canada’s Wonderland adds new rides to their theme park every other summer. This is that summer! Go check out the new rides, as well as the old ones. My personal favorite is the Leviathon!!! Definitely a thriller to be on. Plus, their funnel cakes there are to die for. I wish I could be a bottomless pit and eat those with ZERO consequences!

Electric Islands

If you like music festivals but you are not young enough for that VELD craziness, I recommend Electric Islands. It is a 19+ music festival and it is incredible! The vibes are amazing and the people are even better. All those food trucks are to die for as well. I do recommend getting the VIP tickets if you attend this. The space is so much fun and usually about $20 more expensive. So worth it!

Ice Cream Tasting

Who does not love ice cream? Test out your taste buds at the top ice cream places in the city. I am sure you have already tried this place if you are from Toronto, but if you have not… GO TO SWEET JESUS! That place is incredible. Then get the S’mores ice cream and think about me. Then come back to this blog post and type your thank you note. You may also e-transfer me a thank you note in monetary value.

Festival Season!

Toronto is filled with SO many festivals all summer!!! There are wine & spirit festivals on sugar beach. There is a bubble tea festival coming up soon. We have pizza festivals. How much better can life get? If you have not been to one of many festivals, you are insane!! Toronto is known for all its amazing festivals. I know I will be at most of them. Follow me on my instagram to keep in touch with all the festivals I attend, click here to follow.

Go to the Distillery District

If you have not been before, this place is a must see! The setting is 1800s themed and it is so interesting to see! It is also an extremely photo op place to be so if you like taking those Instagram photos, this place is for you. If you are an art lover, this place is even going to be more attractive to you. There are regular theatrical performances, as well as, dance performances that happen here. It is the place to be!

Get your pink umbrella photo at Sugar Beach!

Sugar Beach is the well known beach in Toronto with the pink umbrellas. This place is so cute and a must for anyone looking for that cute summer photo. Wear your favourite pink bikini and get that snapchat under those umbrellas. It is beyond cute (pictured above).

Comment below for any other cool suggestions people should do in Toronto.

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