Huge Problems The World Needs To Tackle In Order To Actually Help Developing Countries

There are so many organizations out there currently trying to help communities that face poverty. Countries in the Middle East, Africa, Asia, South America, etc. Some of them face extreme poverty levels that need to be addressed. Many organizations out there are trying to help out by sending over items or raising money to help fund vaccines, basic needs, etc. Organizations such as World Vision, Red Cross, UNICEF, and many more out there! Although their help is greatly appreciated and needed, they are not actually tackling the real issues. For example, Red Cross brings over doctors and medication from the USA to vaccinate children and adults. Why not hire locals that are educated and experienced to do the work? Train individuals and hire them to do the work you can train an individual without an education.

This has become a huge problem…

Organizations are fundraising and trying to create change but not thinking of the root problem. A huge problem these countries face is the lack of support of local businesses or professionals. There is a lack of jobs being created in this area. Instead individuals are hired from the USA, Canada, around Europe, Australia. These are countries with high quality education and that are first world countries. I understand that there may not be qualified individuals to complete certain positions in developing countries. However, many paid positions are positions that one can be easily trained on. In order to actually help the issues in these countries, you need to help grow the economy.

This means creating jobs.

Create jobs. Stop paying other people to do the work locals can do!! You need to invest in their local economies in order to create positive change. There are individuals there that are in school and just can not find work there. Find these students and train them for positions. Use portions of these organizations funding to pay individuals minimum wage to do what volunteers from first world countries do. I understand that letting someone from Canada who is paying for everything except accommodations travel to these countries and help may save some costs. However, even the costs of accommodations and food for these volunteers, could really help out an individual in these countries. Hire them to do this work. They will be passionate to help build their communities.

People do not realize that not everyone in these countries are what you see in World Vision commercials. Many are normal and have an education, but end up with minimal options for work. Many want to become nurses and study towards that. Just to find out nurses from the USA are here to vaccinate people in your community. Why not train these individuals to give them these positions instead? How do we expect these economies to build when the people with jobs there are normally very fortunate individuals not from there.

Purchase Items From Local Businesses.

There are many organizations that collect clothing from 1st world countries and ship them to these communities. How is this going to help the economy out at all? Actually, this damages it and really is a huge problem today. People think they are doing a good deed by sending over items. Instead, you are just supporting businesses in your own country and damaging an economy that really is desperate for change. Instead organizations should look for monetary donations. Then hire individuals who can sew in these poor countries to sew clothing, make shoes, etc for everyone else. This will not only help create jobs but also really aid in the development of the economy. Promoting purchases from local businesses is extremely important for the economy of the country as a whole.

It is easier than we think it is.

UNICEF USA on its own raised $568 million dollars in one year. Imagine they used this funding to help promote jobs and purchase products from these developing countries. Companies like Me To We has started to promote creating jobs for these poor individuals. Not sure if any of you have noticed the bracelets they have been selling – some are made by an individuals in third world countries. This is a positive step in the right direction. But there is way more they can do!

These companies are raising hundreds of millions of dollars each a year. Where is this funding going to? They purchase over billions of dollars in products to help out these kids there. Forgetting that by purchasing these products from American manufacturers, they are not actually helping anyone but America. There are small businesses there that really do sell these products. Instead of collecting them from here – pay businesses there to supply these products.

Not knocking these organizations completely.

UNICEF is one of the most amazing organizations that really does help developing countries out. 90.3% of their profits are used for program expenses, which is amazing! Many organizations unfortunately use a much smaller percentage to help out third world countries. ┬áSomething they need to think about though is how they are going to help out the economy of these countries. Not just how they are going to get as many supplies as possible to them. Although, changing the program may mean less supplies – it will mean aiding a growing economy in the long run. Economic growth means that there will be plenty of these products and less people in need. The minds of those running these organizations need to come together to tackle the real issue.

Can you do anything to help?

Although I do not expect individuals to fly out to these places and start purchasing products there. Most people here do not have that kind of money. What you can do is start conversations about this. Pitch the idea that we should stop sending our own supplies from here to them because it really is not helping them at all. The more we talk about it, the more likely these organizations will listen. New programs will start that implement these ideas. Unfortunately, most people are unaware how the current help is damaging the economies. Educate yourself and those around you. Education is a luxury that people in first world countries get to take advantage of. Use it to your power.

Have any creative ideas to help?

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