Top 5 Tips To Avoid A Gastroparesis Flare Up

If you are reading this, you probably have Gastroparesis or you are just curious what that even is. If you are the second one, I totally recommend reading my first blog post on my Gastroparesis diagnosis. My blog post can be found here. Now, back to the juicy stuff… a Gastroparesis flare up. If you have GP, you know this already but for those who do not, it is awful. Each person can experience a different side of GP. For the most part, most experience all or a combination of some of the common symptoms.

Common Symptoms of Gastroparesis

1) Vomiting

2) Nausea

3) Acid Reflux

4) Abdominal Pain

5) Feeling of fullness after a couple bites of food

6) Changes in blood sugar levels

7) Weight Loss

None of those symptoms obviously sound very satisfying. I will do anything possible to avoid having a Gastroparesis Flare Up at all costs. I have done quite a lot of research for things that have helped others and I have also tried my own ideas. After many trial and errors, I have collected my top five ways to avoid a Gastroparesis flare up for myself. They have helped me a lot and I do not get flare ups nearly as much as I used to. Important to add, everyone’s GP is different so my suggestions may not work for someone else. The way I see it is, they are worth trying if they can provide you with some comfort.


Top 5 Tips To Avoid A Gastroparesis Flare Up



Aloe Vera Juice

I replaced my daily inhalation of caffeine with Aloe Vera Water. It gives me a nice kick with the sugar in it for my early mornings. Reducing the amount of coffee I drink has helped me so much with my stomach pains. I can really see a huge different ever since I started drinking it. I drink a brand called OKF Aloe Organic. You could probably find it at your local Whole Foods Store…or at least something similar. It tastes fantastic and has been a huge factor in my flare ups being uncommon now.


Staying Active

I can not stress the importance of exercise for any regular human being. Exercise can help anyone feel extra good. If you have Gastroparesis, you may find that getting into a regular workout routine can help positively impact your quality of life. The one hour I am at the gym almost everyday, I completely forget I even have GP. Definitely check with your doctor prior to joining a gym to figure out what workouts are safe for you. Also, walking after eating can help your digestive system move a little faster. So, if you do not have time to go to the gym on a regular basis, at least go for short walks after your meals if you can. If I can not go for a walk outside, I just walk around the house. I may look crazy walking up and down the stairs but hey, it really does work!


Eat at least 5-6 small meals a day

This is probably going to help everyone. Smaller meals are always better even for someone without Gastroparesis. However, if you have GP, eating smaller meals can help move the digestive process a little bit quicker. Eating smaller meals does not put as much pressure on your digestive system which will in turn, relieve you from your regular GP symptoms. I set alarms for every 2.5 hours to remind myself to go get something to eat. No matter how small it is, it is always better to be consistently eating something every 2-3 hours. Even if it is just a banana, you will thank yourself later.


Avoid drinking water with your meal

If anyone knows me, they probably know I drink water like a fish. I am constantly sipping on water and that is not a bad thing if you do too. However, I would try to avoid eating and drinking at the same time. Water does take up space in your stomach and you already do not have enough room for your food. I have conditioned myself to not drink any water while I am eating but drink a glass right after I am done my meal. It has noticeably helped me eat a normal portion without feeling awful after. Definitely try this and see if it works for you. Reminder: It is always important to make sure you are staying hydrated. I know many with GP hate water because of the pain it can cause, but it is always important to hydrate yourself. Avoiding it when you are eating and sipping on it when you are not will definitely help you!


Avoid High Fibre Foods

High fibre foods take a little more extra work to digest than other types of food. This is definitely one of the most difficult things for me to avoid as most of my favourite foods are high in fibre. Growing up I have always been taught to eat high fibre foods as they are healthier for a normal person. Unfortunately, if you have gastroparesis you probably would not classify yourself as a normal person. Avoiding high fibre foods will definitely help your body break down food easier, resulting in alleviating your symptoms.


I would like to reiterate that these suggestions might not work for every single person with Gastroparesis. As someone who suffers on a daily basis, I will try everything possible to help relieve some of my Gastroparesis Flare Ups. They are definitely worth the try for a happy tummy!

Gastroparesis flare up happy

If you have any suggestions from your own experience, please comment below and share with myself and others viewing this post.

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