Something I Really Hate About The Healthcare System Nowadays And How It Is Impacting Me Right Now…

I am sure many of you have experienced this or have felt this way before at the doctors. My feeling: they just do not truly care about their patients. There is no urgency when someone has symptoms. If someone has an illness with no cure, it is like they just give up on them. Forgetting that there is a whole life behind this person being impacted.

I was diagnosed with Gastroparesis over a year ago.

Gastroparesis is the medical term for stomach paralysis. My vagus nerve is damaged and my food does not pass into my intestines at a normal rate. This causes extreme pain and nausea almost every single day. My quality of life has been damaged because of this illness. Unfortunately, there is no cure. Ever since I was diagnosed, my doctor let me know that there is no cure. After that, we have not spoken about it. Even though I constantly remind them of my pain I am experiencing. They do nothing and have nothing to say. Some days are worse than others. However, you really feel worthless when someone who is supposed to care for your health, does not even acknowledge it.

There has to be something more they can do.

I know there is no official cure. But there has to be something I could try to relieve this pain. Some advice they can give me to make my days go by smoother. It is terrible that they diagnosed me with something and flat out said they do not have enough information on the disorder yet. I was left with Google. Google barely has information on Gastroparesis. So I was left with a few articles that sometimes contradicted themselves. I had to come up with my own survival guides. I spent days researching on different stomach disorders so I can come up with different ideas to make myself feel better. The fact I was doing the job a doctor was supposed to do for me was sad.

This happens all the time and it is not fair.

I know that others have dealt with a similar situation. Many feel like their doctors do not care about them. They just want to get them in then out of their office as fast as they can. At the end of the day, they are paid per patient. They want to see as many patients they can in one day to really make good money. Unfortunately, doctors trying to shorten your time with them only has a negative impact on the patient. Doctors should be patient with their patients and genuinely care about their wellbeing. Otherwise, do not being a doctor. The point of them is to make you feel better. Not make you feel like they do not care about you.

Unfortunately it has become normal…

They can get away with this because it is the normal routine. Some doctor offices have signs that say keep your visits to one problem at a time. You also have signs that say you have 15 minutes with the doctor. What if you were going for a couple issues you face? Why do I have to be limited to ONE? The answer is quite simple…money. Like I said before, the doctor is paid per patient he sees that day. The more he sees, the more money he receives. However, that means the quality of the healthcare is damaged. You do not get the time you need with the doctor. The rush makes you forget what issues you had. You leave without any concrete answer – just a prescription to cover up your symptoms. It is so easy for them to write on that paper and give you medicine.


Do not just take a medication because your doctor gave it to you. Do your research on it. Ask them if it is absolutely necessary for you to take this medication. If it is not, avoid taking it. Why add something unnatural to your body if you do not NEED to? Do your own research to find out the side effects of the medication. Always question everything and demand more concrete answers. Ask for those tests, scans, etc. Demand to be transferred over to a specialist before diagnosing you. Your family doctor is not specialized – and should not be diagnosing you with certain illnesses/disorders.

I hope the system changes.

With more and more naturopaths coming into the picture, I hope western medicine takes a positive turn as well. The only thing you can do is take a stand for yourself and demand better service from your doctor. After that, you just hope that the system improves as years go on and more people demand better care. If you can afford a naturopath, I really recommend going to see one for your problems. The thing I enjoy about naturopaths is that they focus on preventative, which is what every doctor should focus on. Rather than just fixing something while it is already there. Naturopaths focus on health diets, vitamins, oils, etc that will prevent you from developing illnesses that you may be more susceptible to.

Good luck and Take Care of Yourself!

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