The Worst Part Of Having Gastroparesis Revealed! Even Worse Than The Nausea!!

If you know me or are a frequent follower of my blog page, you know I am diagnosed with Gastroparesis. Please click here to read a little about this rare disorder and my experience if you have not already. If you know a little about it, you may think that the worst part of having Gastroparesis is the nausea and vomiting.I can assure you that there is one thing that really tops it all. Not to down play the physical symptoms. Having to be extremely strict on your diet just so you do not vomit all day is definitely terrible. Not being able to eat anything you want is terrible. However, all these physical symptoms all impact one thing far greater.

Worst part of having Gastroparesis

Mental Health.

The worst part of having Gastroparesis by far is the impact it has on your mental health. I am a pretty optimistic and happy person right now. However, I face a lot of moments where I feel like I am at a breaking point. The one thing I am extremely grateful for is how positive my attitude has become towards anything thrown at me in life. Regardless of how positive I am though, mentally I am being driven insane because of GP. You wake up knowing if you do one thing wrong, you can ruin your whole day. If you eat the wrong thing, get too little sleep or too much, drink water too fast, etc. All those physical symptoms that absolutely suck just come to you because of one little thing you did. That one tiny craving of cheese has ruined your week.

No one really understands how much limitations can impact you mentally until you have them. Especially limitations with painful consequences. Sometimes a girl craves french fries and man, oh man, does my stomach hate me really quickly. I try to remind myself constantly that I am so grateful to be alive and surviving. That I can live with this and there are others who suffer from Gastroparesis who are not as lucky as I am.

The people who doubt how bad it really is.

This one is my favourite by far. These people ruin my days just by one sarcastic comment. The best is when they offer you a food you can not eat and you explain that you can not eat it. Then they respond with, “Stop being a baby, you are making the symptoms come cause you are thinking about it.” People think Gastroparesis is a mental problem. Rather than what it actually is, damage to your vagus nerve resulting in Stomach Paralysis. Anyone with any invisible illness knows how frustrating it is to explain it to people who do not suffer.

Invisible illnesses are by far the worst thing ever. I know there are many diseases that are terrible like cancer, diabetes, etc. However, invisible illnesses sometimes are killing you from the inside but you look completely healthy from the outside. The worst part of having Gastroparesis is that it is an invisible illness. Since it is not one of the common illnesses people suffer from or one that does not always physically alter you, people do not take it seriously.

Wishing more people understood.

You always beat yourself up because not everyone understands it. Do you blame them though? There is little awareness or research on it sadly. I hope we can come together as a family and change that. We have the power to turn this world around. I just hope that for future generations they do not feel so small when suffering from an invisible illness like Gastroparesis. It really is a frustrating thing to carry with you in life. I have high hopes that more people will be aware of this terrible illness soon.

If you or anyone you know suffers from an invisible illness…

Hold them close. If it is you, I hope you find something positive to hold onto everyday. It can be so difficult, I hope you find a way to smile. I hope you have someone there who makes you feel like the way you are feeling is okay and helps you through it. It break my heart to know some people do not have a support system at all. I am so lucky to have my close friends who have helped me out so much with this. Be that friend. Do not question your friend because she/he looks exactly the same and normal. Just be there for them.

So there you have it, the worst part of having Gastroparesis.

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