Things I Avoid because of my Gastroparesis

Being diagnosed with Gastroparesis has been the most life changing event in my life by far. If you would like to read more about Gastroparesis and my diagnosis, please click here. 

Gastroparesis is extremely under researched unfortunately. There is not much information when you browse online about it. There are definitely some quality information but most is not backed up with many studies. It is unfortunate realizing the extreme lack of research. However, I strongly believe there will be change soon. Being diagnosed with such an obscure disorder has taught me so much in life. It has helped me become my best self mentally. In the beginning, it took a toll on me because I never realized how hard the diet shift would be. I avoid eating a lot now and when I eat a lot I immediately regret it. Developing healthy habits has helped me so much. I used to be in a bad place mentally but shifting my life in such a positive manner has really made me into my best self.

You have to give up A LOT.

It will be a major shift in the beginning but it gets easier. You give up a lot to feel a lot better. So the outcome is better than the process. Once you go back on what you avoid and give into temptations, you will immediately realize your deep regrets. Just do yourself a favor and get yourself used to it QUICK. You will feel your best immediately.

Things I AVOID completely because of Gastroparesis

 Larger meals throughout the day!

This is a huge NO. I avoid this like the black plague. It is best to eat every 2-3 hours, smaller meals. This goes for ANYONE, not even just those with Gastroparesis! You will feel so much better about yourself, and your metabolism will speed up. It is worth giving a shot.

Drinking anything while eating.

This, unfortunately, is a no. I even avoid water while eating. I will drink a glass of water AFTER I am done eating completely. Most people who are dieting are told to drink a lot of water constantly. With Gastroparesis you should NOT! Everyone else though…continue that hydration flow in your life. Water fills up my stomach so as a result, I can not eat as much. Since I already can barely eat, why would I want to minimize the intake even more?

Whole Wheat anything.

This is the saddest part of my new diet. I have to eat white bread, white rice, etc. This was the most difficult transition. UNTIL…I found out I can have light rye bread. This made me breathe a bit better. I am not a fan of white bread AT ALL. Unfortunately whole wheat bread really is harder to digest. With Gastroparesis, your main issue is your stomach digests at a slower rate than average. So why add anything to your system that can negatively impact the speed?


Dairy ends my life. The End. But no seriously, it is so heavy and fatty!!! It is not even good for the average stomach. Let alone mine. I try to minimize my intake heavily. It gets difficult when your middle name is cheesy. But it has to happen if I want to avoid the worst stomach pains of my life after.


The saddest part of it all. I have to avoid alcohol if I want to be able to eat even a tiny bit for three days after. Summer is a temptation. So I am a little bit bad with this part in the summer. However, I do recommend if you suffer from Gastroparesis to go on a cleanse. I went 6 months exactly with not one sip of alcohol and it really helped. Even though I drink occasionally now, it really does not harm me anywhere near as much as before. That cleanse really helped. I am committed to going on a cleanse every winter season.

Raw Vegetables

Unfortunately, your vegetables should all be peeled and cooked when you eat them with Gastroparesis. It helps your stomach digest them a lot easier. If you are like me and prefer your vegetables fresh and raw, you will have a hard time with this one. I am NOT a huge fan of cooked vegetables, but I have found my ways to start enjoying them now.

Unpeeled Fruits

I have to peel all my fruits now, which is tough for me. Especially knowing that the peel is the nutritious part. Unfortunately, that peel holds a lot of fibre that is difficult to break down in my system. So I just peel it all before I eat it now.

Greasy food

This was easy for me since I hated fried food before this anyways. Anything greasy and fried is a huge NO. I minimize my intake of fries/chips too. It really does help plus that kinda stuff is junk and makes you feel terrible anyways after. Eating more steamed vegetables, freshly cooked meals makes you feel great! Fried food has a tendency to make people really tired after.


This was tough for me and still continues to be. I love eating sunflower seeds so much! However, they are extremely high in fibre, which makes it tough to break down in your body. This is one of my challenges since I have a hard time not eating them when they are in front of me. However, I notice the full feeling that makes you feel tired and terrible really quickly after eating them. So not worth it sometimes.


If you have Gastroparesis and have anything else you avoid because of it, comment below 🙂

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