Drive Action in Mental Health Care, Research and Workplace With #BellLetsTalk

Bell Let’s Talk is known to be one of the largest corporate Mental Health Initiatives in Canada. This day – January 29th – Bell Canada donates 5 cents for every phone call or text message from a Bell customer, every tweet, retweet, video view, etc. If you would like to read more about this, visit Bell Canada’s official page, by clicking here. They have donated over $100 million since its founding in 2010.

Why is it important?!

Throughout the years, more and more Canadian sports teams, universities, colleges, workplaces, etc. have become involved with promoting #BellLetsTalk! Commitments like this from large organizations like Bell Canada, are what is going to get people talking. Their mission is to end the stigma in Canada around Mental Health. This day is filled with many people sharing their own stories with mental health. It gets the conversation going and in a world like ours where there is still a lot of stigma surrounding it, this is needed.

The first step to ending stigma is to normalize talking about it. I have been dealing with anxiety and depression since I was only 11 years old. Being diagnosed with something that is so difficult to comprehend at a young age is difficult. Especially without a solid support system that fully understands the illness at that time. I was ashamed to speak about my own issues. Staying silent felt like my only choice.

Eventually I realized that silence felt like torture. I wanted to get better. I heard more people’s stories around me and I realized – maybe there is something much larger here and I should share my story too. So I did. I have talked about my mental health many times ever since – I was a speaker at a mental health campaign done by St. Joseph’s Hospital in Hamilton, Elentity has multiple posts about it as well, and I am hoping to only keep sharing my story. The aim of this is to inspire others to share their stories as well. You can click here and read one of my posts that goes into detail about my anxiety.

Something I learned throughout the years

As I began to step out into the corporate world, I realized how many people are fighting their own demons. I also saw how many are suppressing their demons internally. This is such a scary thought to me that people can be so ashamed and scared to speak out in 2020. It is so important for corporations to make their employees feel comfortable with being open about their mental health.

There are so many individuals around me that are going through a hard time, but choose to internalize it with the fear of not being accepted. They also feel like they may come across as weak. To be quite honest, I think the strongest people are the ones fighting their own demons internally and are still going out into the world and kicking ass!! So be proud of your warrior-like abilities to fight a terrible fight.

I am extremely lucky to have the opportunity to work for a company that cares about their employees mental health. Unfortunately, not everyone is this lucky. Initiatives like #BellLetsTalk promotes the conversation in workplaces.

What can you do to help drive awareness?

Well, if you are Canadian, participating in #BellLetsTalk is a great place to start! Spread the word around your workplace by random acts of kindness, spread the kindness to strangers, etc. Also, just always be kind. You never know what anyone around you is going through. Do not be the reason why someone feels worse about themselves. Spread endless amounts of love constantly.

If you have a story and you are ready to share it, do it! You never know who you will inspire. I never realized that by writing about my story, I would get as many people as I did to come forward to me and talk to me about their life. They thanked me for sharing my story and how it inspired them to not be so ashamed of their own story. Those words made me feel so thankful that I had built up the courage to speak about it. You just never know how many lives you will change until you do.

Hope this inspires some of you! Love you all.

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