Happy Sunday! #HonestlyElda How do I stay motivated in the Winter?


Happy Sunday you beautiful people! Let me introduce you to #HonestlyElda!

I have been wanting to drop this new segment onto my blog for a little while now. Finally going to stop making excuses and release it today.

I love to give advice and have been known to give pretty good advice – whether it is about relationships, life or just about anything. So, I decided to start a segment called #HonestlyElda. Basically, you can ask me about anything you have been needing advice on and I will post about it. If you do not want to comment below, go to my contact form by clicking HERE and shoot me an e-mail with your question.

I will be posting this segment – once a week. So, make sure you comment anything you need advice on and you might see it answered on #HonestlyElda.

#HonestlyElda: How Do I Stay Motivated During The Winter Months?

The winter is a brutal time. I am the last person who has any pleasure from this weather. I genuinely believe people who enjoy the Winter are just crazy to me. I could probably enjoy “Winter” in California though. Many, including myself, tend to lose motivation during these months. Motivation when it comes to fitness, school and work. I experience this problem especially when it comes to my fitness routine.

During the summer, I would be running to the gym to do a 45 minute weight training workout and run back home with zero complaints. Obviously with Canadian winters, I can not run to the gym without potentially slipping on ice and breaking bones. Fortunately I have a wonderful car that solves that problem. Unfortunately, this still does not help me stay motivated with my routine. It is not the most exciting thing to leave your warm home, into the cold, just to head to the gym to workout. This mentality could end up resulting in you not going to the gym at all.

No pain, No gain!

The best way to get yourself out of this mentality is to continuously remind yourself why you are doing what you are doing. This can be related to any aspect of your life – not just the gym. When it comes to fitness, you can remind yourself that you have goals you have set for yourself for your summer body. This could include booty gains, losing weight, toning your abs, etc. None of that could get accomplished with you sitting at home. I tend to look at Instagram models with the bodies I aspire to have. That usually reminds me to stop being lazy and go workout. When it comes to other aspects of your life, just remind yourself where you want to be in life and that everything you are doing now is a stepping stone to that end goal.

Your mentality is EVERYTHING.

Your mentality is everything when it comes to your work life and school life. I know that the colder months can bring down people’s moods naturally. This just naturally results in a loss of motivation to do as much throughout your day. I used to be a huge victim to doing the most in the summer/fall months and then once the temperature gets close to zero, I am neglecting my work. I start to binge watch shows under a blanket and sleep for longer hours in the Winter.

I have really changed this past year and have found myself to be 100x more motivated in the Winter. Everything starts with the way you look at things. If you want to change, you can. If you want to be motivated with any aspect of your life, then you will be motivated. I constantly remind myself of the future I envision for myself. This includes having Pinterest boards with my dream homes, vacations, cars, clothes, etc. I know it sounds materialistic but it really helps me to work hard now. I will remind myself of everything I want and then tell myself that if I am lazy, I will never achieve those things.

Find a hobby.

One of the best ways I stay motivated with work and school in the Winter is to not make my life all about those two aspects. Find yourself a hobby – swimming, painting, writing, yoga, etc. It will give you your me time and take your mind off work for a while. When you make your life all about work, you will never be satisfied. My blog currently has been a huge help in keeping me motivated in working hard. As well, I try to have as much me time as possible throughout the week. I go to yoga classes, I go out for brunch at least once a week, I go to a coffee shop just to read a book for leisure, I spend one hour everyday working out, and I go for massages whenever I can.

Although you may look at it and say you have zero time to add a hobby in your life. Let me tell you, you definitely do. Take out an hour out of your Netflix binge watching and go do something, go be active. You will thank yourself later. Giving yourself that time doing something that you genuinely enjoy, will uplift your mood and keep you positive with other aspects of your life.

Remind yourself of how far you have come!

Although you may have a long way to go to get to where you want to be, it is important to remind yourself of how far you have come in life. Remind yourself that it is not impossible to achieve your goals because you have already achieved multiple. Then just keep pushing your way through.

Everyone is going to have moments where they lose their motivation and that is okay. It is what you do when you feel this way that matters. Do not let it consume you. Do not allow a feeling to guide your life. Break free from your “mood.” It will always be you against the world, so prove that you are unstoppable.

Your life is anything you want it to be. So make it great.


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