It Is Okay To Not Be Okay Sometimes and Do NOT Let Anyone Tell You Otherwise!

Seriously…reread my caption as many times as you need. It is completely okay to not be okay. You do not have any obligation to anybody to keep it together all the time. There is no requirement that you have to force a smile or laughter just to make those around you happy. It is completely fine to admit you are not okay and take your time to heal. There is nothing you should feel ashamed of when it comes to your feelings.

Nothing irks me more than when people tell someone who is upset to just move on and be happy. If someone could move on and be genuinely happy, they would have before your advice. That is not even “advice.” You can not control the way you feel. You do however have control with what you do with those feelings. For example, when I go through a hard time, I put my emotions into writing and end up getting some writing done. My feelings motivate me when it comes to certain projects I am working on.

Everyone copes differently…

This is huge. People feel like everyone should deal with their emotions the same way they do. Realistically, everyone is different. Some people choose to hide their feelings or put them to the side and just fake it till they make it. Others sit in their misery and not do anything. Some others choose to feel their pain and use it to their advantage. Turn that pain into power!!

Take your time to grieve…

One thing I know for certain is you can not ignore the way you feel or it will kill you. Let yourself feel what you need to feel then move on from it afterwards. Sit in a puddle of your tears and then get back up 100x stronger. You should grieve and do not let anyone tell you otherwise. Excuse my language but shit takes time. You can not just jump back up to 100% right away.

You will never be happy if…

You ignore your feelings and try to fake it till you make it. Take it from me. I used to be that person who always smiled regardless of how my insides felt. I could be breaking down behind closed doors and come out with a huge smile on my face. All I wanted was to make sure I did not bring anyone around me down or make them pity me. This almost killed me at one point. My depression at the time got 100x worse and I was in a state of desperation for help after spending so much time bottling up my emotions.

I learned to express my feelings, allowed myself to feel things and just be okay with everything I feel. Yes, it sucks to be sad. It really does suck to feel emotions that are not happiness. But you are human. You can feel a huge range of emotions at the end of the day. It is not just a few positive emotions and then you are good. Life is not all rainbows and butterflies unfortunately. Let yourself feel those cloudy days and embrace them.

Have your moment of tears then be gangster again…

When I say sit in your feelings, I do not mean forever. Try to grow from them always. Feel what you feel and take the time you need to shake it off. But always be trying to do better. I could be super upset and emotional, but inside I am always trying to think positively. Regardless of the tears on my face, my mind is still trying to look on the bright side. I search up positive quotes to read because I find they help me feel better.

I take my time to grieve but always remind myself that I need to bounce back 10x stronger than I was before. It definitely takes time and patience, but I always end up there. I always become a better person in the end. In the end, it does not matter how many tears you shed or how long you shed them for. What matters is what you learned from your situation and how you are going to grow from that point forward.

Handle things your way and forget everyone else’s opinion…

When it comes to your feelings and what is best for you, you know yourself best. Ignore what others have to say. Ignore how others feel like you should move past things. You can listen to their advice but in the end, do what you feel is best for you. At the end of the day, you are your own best friend. Trust your instincts.

I hope whatever mountain you are moving in your life, teaches you lessons you can hold with you forever. I hope you move onto a place much brighter, where the grass is greener.

I hope you enjoyed my post. I hope even one line of this post resonates with you.

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