Three of my pet peeves that drive me insane and ruin my day!

Before I speak on the topic at all, the featured image is exactly the way I feel when it comes to my pet peeves. We all have something that someone can do that really ticks us off. Whether that is a quality someone has or a habit they may carry day to day. Whatever it is, it is FRUSTRATING to deal with! These pet peeves could make or break your relationships with people. It is something you really judge someone on and I am sure many can relate to you. I have three pet peeves that can drive me insane and ruin my day.

Three Pet Peeves That Irk Me:

The noise of someone chewing.

This one is by far the most annoying one for me to deal with. I lose my appetite and can not handle being around that person anymore. It is something that is so disgusting and frustrating for me. The amount of times I have trained people to close their mouth when they chew. It is not that difficult at least from what I think. All you have to do is close your mouth as you chew. It is not rocket science and I swear the food tastes the same.

I just do not understand how some people chew so loudly with no mercy. Unless you are eating chips, apples, cucumbers, or anything super crunchy, there is just no excuse. One of the most annoying ones for me is when people SLURP their food. No need for that. OR when I at the movies and they are just chomping on their popcorn and smacking their tongue. Like come on!!!


This one is something that can really tick me off if you are closer to me. I do not understand why people have to be dishonest all the time. What pleasure do you get out of it? Is it something that gives you satisfaction in life that you can not find anywhere else? What is the point of lying constantly? I know some people that others have to be cautious when it comes to what they say. To the point where when they tell you what they did today, you ask if they actually did that.

The best is when you call them out and they create another lie to cover up their original lie. That is just digging yourself a deeper hole people! Lying to me warns me that I can never trust this person. The best way to come back from lying is to be up front and honest about your lie. Just apologize to me for lying then you at least “manned up” and did the right thing. Some people just choose to further their lie and that is what really gets me pissed off. Dishonesty can definitely make or break any relationship. Do not be that person that is constantly caught in these lies.

People who smoke blowing their toxins in my personal space.

I hate hate hate cigarettes! They are so gross to me and feel like something people are just casually killing themselves with. I do not smoke and do not like being around cigarettes. However at the end of the day, I do not care if people choose to smoke because I can not tell them to stop killing themselves. However, what I do care about is when they are around me smoking just puffing it in my face. I will embarrass you if you do that and make it extremely obvious that I think it is inappropriate. My friends who do smoke know usually if they HAVE TO smoke around me to try to keep the smoke away from me. I do not think I could ever date someone who smokes cigarettes. I have threatened family members already that if they smoke when I have kids, they will not be seeing much of my children.

Cigarettes are just so toxic and if you choose to smoke them, that is on you. Please just keep your cancerous chemicals away from others personal spaces. It is disrespectful. I had one person know I hate when people blow cigarette smoke near me and did it purposefully. You can assume I barely hung around that person again. It is definitely a make or break for my relationships. Also, if you are looking to quit, I totally support you. I know how difficult it is to quit something you are addicted to, and you should be proud for trying.

There you have it…my three pet peeves.

Pet peeves can be super frustrating so you are not alone if you have ones that ruin your life. I understand your feels and I am sure many others do as well.

If you have any pet peeves that I did not list, please do comment them below and share why it bothers you so much!!!


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