What I Learned In My Obstacle I Faced While I Was Away… (PERSONAL POST)

I am sure some of you may have noticed that I have not posted in about a month. During this last month, I went through a mixture of emotions and events. I even went away on a vacation that broke me down BUT made me 10x stronger than I was before I left. I am back in Toronto now and ready to face reality. Moving on with my life and focusing on work is what is motivating me right now.

What I Learned In The Past Month…

Never forget how much your worth

If there is one thing you should not forget, it is your value. Sometimes people lose sight of their value when it comes to someone they love. Try to keep reminding yourself of it. I lost sight of it for a moment and have never felt so ashamed of myself after. I let someone have the better parts of me. Just to be let down by them. I realized that I was living this lie with this person. There were so many red flags I continued to ignore. The people around me saw my value when I did not. Until the situation blew up and I realized this person is not who they said they were.

If I only reminded myself of my worth sooner and what I deserve, I would not have been in the situation for as long as I was. I was completely fooled into believing this person was meant for me and that they were a good person. Just to be proved complete opposite. Something I need to work on is never losing sight of my value and never settling for less than what I deserve. This is something that I am going to continuously remind myself from now on. I want someone to appreciate every part of me and actually put effort into being with me. Because I deserve that. I put effort into everything and everyone I care for. I deserve the same returned to me.

Sometimes you have to go through more frogs than you thought…

I really thought I was done with the games and dealing with people who were wasting time. However, sometimes life throws a few more of those at you. In the end, they are all just lessons in life. You may have expected to be done with the idiots at a certain point in life. The older you get, the more you realize…the idiots never stop coming. You just have to pick your favorite one to deal with.

There is always a light at the end of the tunnel

I dodged a huge bullet. I keep repeating that to myself. It could have been way worse. I lost someone who did not match up to my value. He lost someone who was too good for him. I can only do better. I know that this just means I am one step closer to finding the person meant for me.

Regardless of what you go through and how shitty the situation is. There is always something positive at the end of the tunnel waiting for you. Be patient and excited for that light. It will come and make you realize why you went through what you went through. I believe I went through what I did so God can teach me a huge lesson on value and not settling.

It is okay not to be okay

Sometimes your pride gets the best of you and you do not want to admit that something is wrong. You bottle up your emotions and pretend that everything is fine. It is completely alright to not have it all together all the damn time. Everyone has moments where they breakdown and sometimes you need to cry it out to move past it. It is important to take your time and grieve away the pain. Do not be ashamed of it. It will only come and then go. Once it goes it turns into this lesson you will hold onto forever. It will make the next obstacle you go through a little bit easier.

Your pain is part of who you are. Never lose sight of that. Just appreciate everything you go through. It will all pass. As tough as it seems in that moment, it ends up passing. Eventually you will look back and laugh at all of it.

Turn your pain into power

That is one of my favorite quotes. “Turn your pain into power.” It is one of the strongest things anyone can do. Take control of the pain and suffering you are going through. Turn that pain into something far greater. Make it into something positive. Use your emotions to your advantage.

Being hurt has motivated me to do better in life. I am focusing on work more, writing my book, living a good life and just overall being a better version of myself. That is the most important thing you can do when you are going through a tough situation. Transforming it all into something positive that will stick with you forever. I can not wait to sit back someday when I am done writing my book and just smile that I did it. I pushed through all the hard times I went through and created something that will last forever. At the end of the day, we never will live forever but we can create something that will. That should motivate just about anyone to continue striding to do their best.

Thanks for reading my post today and I hope it inspired you to do your best regardless of what you are going through.

My next post will be about the positive things of my trip. I will share with you some of my favorite memories. Stay tuned!!!

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