Why I Went From Using Uber Everyday To NOT Using It Ever Again!

If you ask anyone who knows me personally, they will tell you that I used to use Uber every single day. If I needed to go down the street, I was calling an Uber. I promoted Uber to everyone. Even when Lyft first came out, I refused to download it and would say I will not cheat on Uber. In a big city like Toronto, these companies have been so helpful! I never had a single complaint about Uber for years. Unfortunately, good things all come to an end.

Uber’s 2018 net worth is $4.8 Billion!

So crazy how quickly the company grew. I was the number one fan of Uber especially when they came out with UberX. My life was so simple. June 2018 though I was involved in a car accident while being a passenger in the Uber ride. My driver stopped at a stop sign and did not see the car coming so we got T-Boned. Of course, the car hit my side of the car.

Thank GOD I came out alive! I was so traumatized because I felt the impact of the other car the most. My Uber driver was super kind to me so I have no complaints about him. I went to the hospital immediately after and came out with soft tissue damage so I was pretty content. However, my nerve damage I was going through before became a lot worse and the accident impacted a few extra nerves.

Still thankful since I was breathing and well.

I reported the accident to Uber so they could contact me with their insurance policy. Then I received a phone call from the insurance company they are affiliated with. I spoke to them on what happened and explained that I was injured and my iPhone was completely shattered. They told me that they can give me a small amount for health coverage but the rest would have to be covered by my own personal insurance from my own vehicle. Mind you, my car was not involved in the accident so I was ALREADY confused. Then she claimed that this insurance company only deals with medical coverage and not property damage. She did let me know that Uber does not have insurance for property damage. However, she send me an e-mail for Ubers claim so I can ask for reimbursement for my phone’s damage.

Quickly contacted the claims department at Uber…

Did they answer me? Definitely not. I was super disappointed. I waited 2 weeks and sent a second e-mail and still have not been responded to on July 24th. That is not okay!! I have been a loyal customer to Uber for a few years now and felt absolutely betrayed. It was super disappointing.

My phone is costing me $200 CAD to fix the screen and a $4.8 Billion company refuses to get back to me on fixing it. Especially over something that is 100% their fault. I decided to look over Uber’s online policy in the case of an accident. The funniest thing was seeing that it takes care of property damage – both to the driver’s vehicle and related expenses. Last time I checked with my own car insurance policy, the related expenses includes your electronics like your phone.

Fair warning: Uber is lying.

It is super frustrating when you are not even getting an answer from them. Instead of dealing with the problem, they are choosing to ignore my messages. I am more upset about how unprofessional they are being over them not reimbursing me. Hoping no one else faces a situation that is similar. I faced damage physically and they were extremely rude about it all. Missed work because of the accident and was traumatized, yet they did nothing or cared.

I rarely ever complain about bad experiences with companies but this was by far the worst experience I have dealt with. I missed work, got injured, damaged my phone because of their driver not paying attention and they could not even fix my phone for me. It astonishes me how unprofessional they could be about the situation. I hope Uber retrains their employees when it comes to customer service. They have a long way to go before they know how to properly communicate with customers. Especially ones that were involved in a car accident.

Hello Lyft!

I decided to finally download lyft onto my phone. I have yet to use it though but I am excited to. There have been many people who tell me about their amazing experiences with Lyft so it is an exciting time! Their insurance policy seems far better than Uber. I also did my research and people who have been involved with a Lyft accident do not seem like they have dealt with a negative experience. I recommend everyone be cautious when using Uber. Apparently if they almost kill you in an accident, they could not care less. Take care of yourself first and avoid this careless, unprofessional company.

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