12 Habits You Can Start Doing Today For Your Mental Well-being!

January 30, 2019 marks the official Bell Let’s Talk day! Bell Canada, a service provider in Canada, runs a campaign every single year to raise awareness towards Mental Health. This is an awesome initiative Bell takes to help start conversations on mental health. The fight to end the stigma around mental health is serious! This day is a huge help. They raise money for using the hashtag today, sending text messages if your provider is Bell and using their Snapchat filters. Everyday things you already do will help you raise money for this amazing cause!

Many individuals suffer from different mental health issues so it is important to raise awareness towards it. Mental health IS health! It is terrible that many do not take this illness seriously just because you can not see it. It is an invisible illness that is constantly overlooked.

You have to focus on your mental well-being.

It is important to take care of yourself by making things a habit that will benefit you. People tend to forget about taking care of their mind. This results in over abundant amounts of stress. Stress can cause people to be less productive and also extremely unhappy with their lives. You need to be able to find different things that relax your mind and help you unwind. It is important to put yourself first. There are many different methods you can adopt as habits to help you out.

12 Habits To Adopt To Better Your Mental Health

Wake up earlier

Set your alarm clock for earlier in your day. Quit sleeping in everyday that you can. Set your alarm for 7am-9am at latest every single day and maintain that morning schedule. The earlier you wake up, the more productive you will be naturally.

Eat breakfast every morning

This is something people tend to put off. Or they eat a granola bar for breakfast. It is important to eat a healthy, large breakfast. This will give you some time to yourself in the morning before starting your work day. Eat those eggs, eat an oatmeal bowl or make an awesome smoothie bowl. Take some time to make yourself a breakfast and use that time to reflect on your schedule for the day.

exercise, exercise, exercise

I can not stress this enough. Exercising is so important for both your physical and mental well-being. It will make you look better too and when you look good, you feel extra good! Also, working out for an hour a day, really helps you relieve stress. I find that weight lifting relieves a lot of tension in my life. Makes  you feel in control of your life. This will have a positive impact on your life.

write in a journal everyday

Take some time out of your day whether it is in the morning, midday or at night to write in a journal. This is a good way to release some of your emotions without verbally communicating them to someone. I find writing to be extremely therapeutic. I keep a journal about what gives me hope so I take some time before the end of the night to write something quickly about what gives me hope that day. On bad days, I write about why I am losing hope that day. When I write about why I am negative, I find it helps me laugh off my issue.

one hour per day where you turn off your devices

Take one hour out of everyday where you turn off all the televisions, your phone, etc to focus on just yourself. You can use this hour to read, write or draw. Anything that helps you tune into your own emotions and self. If you choose to make this hour before you sleep, I recommend going two hours before your bedtime without any devices. This really will help you unwind before bed.

maintain a good posture

Sometimes throughout your day you begin to start slouching. Try to remind yourself throughout the day to sit straight or stand straight. Sitting/standing straight releases positive vibes. Slouching is not only unhealthy for your back and neck, but also for your own emotions.

sleep 7-9 hours

This is a tough one people have trouble doing on a regular basis. Sleeping is extremely important and getting enough of it is extremely beneficial for your well-being. Individuals should get between 7-9 hours of sleep per night. Do not over sleep over 9 hours as it will make you wake up more tired. Avoid sleepless nights where you are getting five hours of sleep as well. Your body and mind needs sleep to heal.

try new things

Dedicate an hour every week to something new in your life. This could be dance lessons, pottery classes or even just DIY at home. Pinterest has some awesome ideas for recipes and crafts you can do. Spend one hour a week learning something new so you can work your brain and distract it from real life. This will be a huge positive influence on your mental health.

go outside

Going back to exercising, you can exercise outside to enjoy the outdoors. However, if you are like me and prefer to workout in the gym… go outside! 15 minutes a day spend outside. Either sitting outside if the weather is nice or go for a 15 minute stroll to just enjoy your surroundings. This is obviously not doable daily depending on the weather. However, you can spend longer than 15 minutes somedays that are nicer outside. I know in the summer I love to hike and that takes two hours out of my day when I do. I tune into nature and feel a lot more calm when I am out there.

avoid alcohol and drugs

Whenever I go on cleanses for months from alcohol, I automatically feel amazing. I do not do any drugs including weed so I do not have to worry about that. However, try going on cleanses from them. It will honestly make you feel a lot better and make your body happier. Whenever I cut alcohol, I have more energy and feel a lot healthier.

keep an agenda

Go buy a small agenda to carry around with you everywhere. Jot down different things you have to complete on set days. This will help you stay organized and also realize how much work you are putting on yourself. If you have multiple tasks in one day, ask yourself if you can move around any of them to a slower day. As well it will keep you mindful and organized to complete your tasks more productively.

eat healthy

Maintaining a healthy diet is extremely important for your mental health. When you are eating well and taking care of yourself, you notice a huge change in your energy. If you have more energy, you end up in a more positive spirit.

Hope you enjoyed reading my post today and I hope you take something from it!

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