13 Fun Fall Ideas To Add To Your Bucket List To Make The Most Out Of This Season!

As most people would agree, Fall is a pretty great season. It is definitely a crowd favorite. Although, I am a huge fan of the summertime, fall brings so much joy in most lives! Fall weather, Fall fashion, Fall Starbucks drinks, Fall activities, etc. Everything is just  a lot brighter when the leaves are changing colors. There are so many fun things to do every single Fall season. Especially before the dreadful Winter comes everyone’s ways. I hate winter but fall stole my heart. Not just because I was born in the fall (November 21st to be exact).

I live in the Toronto area in Canada, and if you know anything about it we definitely experience Fall like it is in the movies. Our leaves start changing colors then falling just before Winter. We have pumpkin patches everywhere and everything is a lot spookier. I love Fall in Canada! I made a list of 13 things you have to do this Fall and if they are not already on your bucket list, you have to add them in!

Hay Ride at a Pumpkin Patch

This is a given every year for me…especially living in a city surrounded by pumpkin patches. I always visit a local farm for the hay rides. They are so much fun and always get me in that October spirit!! I absolutely can not wait to visit the Pumpkin patch soon… it is almost that time!

Get the coolest looking pumpkin from the patch!

Since you are already at the pumpkin patch for the hay ride, you might as well pick out a pumpkin! I love picking out either the largest one I could find or the one with the weird shape. There are always some unique and neglected pumpkins out there that need some love. Get one and make your home look even spookier with them!

Bake your own homemade Pumpkin pie!

Make your house smell like Starbucks in the Fall by baking your own homemade pumpkin pie! Use the pumpkin you got at the patch and carve it so you can make the pie! Nothing tastes better than your own masterpiece. Plus, you are using the pumpkin everyone neglected so at least you can show everyone that it tastes good.

Visit a Haunted House

Not sure about you but around my city there are towns with creepy, old homes. They get transformed into giant haunted houses that feel extra real because they probably are haunted in some way. I love scaring myself as much as possible in October so I do not sleep in November clearly… If you live in Ontario, I recommend going to the Nightmares Fear Factory in Niagara Falls, Ontario. This place is TERRIFYING! It is so much fun though and you get to leave with a super embarrassing photo of yourself as the cherry on top.

Try every Fall drink at Starbucks

Every. Single. One. Make sure you have the Pumpkin Spice one a few times though. Do not forget to take that snap of it too to be extra basic! I am not a huge fan of the Pumpkin Spice Latte people love at Starbucks. However, I manage to still order it every year. I think it is a psychological craving that makes me order it so I can fit in with the rest of society. I personally love the Salted Caramel Mocha that releases in the Fall there every year. I recommend trying that one!

Go on a hike!

I know it is getting a bit chilly. However, Fall is the best time of the year to go on a hike in a forested area. The leaves have all changed colors to different shades of orange and red. They look beautiful! It is definitely worth the cold and the walk. Plus nothing is more photo op friendly than some beautiful leaves everywhere. If you live in a warmer climate, sucks for you! You will not get to experience the beauty of the picture perfect Fall.

Go apple picking!

Who does not love apples? Especially fresh ones that you had to pick yourself. Research some local apple farms in your area that have pick your own apples available! It is so much fun and a good bonding time with friends, family or your partner.

Host a Scary Movie Night!

Who does not love a good scare? Invite some friends over, wear your favorite onesie pyjamas and pick out the scariest movie you can find. I am one of those people who loses sleep for days after watching a scary movie but still tortures myself anyways. Life is good when you are freaking yourself out for fun. Plus it is in that October season spirit.

Rake your leaves in your yard then jump in them!

This is as fun as it sounds. Your parents might be upset when they realize you “cleaning up the yard” was for a different purpose but that is okay. Make sure you get it on camera. A boomerang on Instagram would be cool!

Get lost in a corn maze.

Some farms do corn mazes in the Fall time. I am currently going to go to one next weekend! I am so excited. It is called Hanes Corn Maze in Dundas, Ontario. I will definitely post some photos that day so make sure you are following me on Instagram by clicking here.

Celebrate Oktoberfest!

Who does not love to have any excuse to drink? I know I will make any excuse I possibly can to get drinks. Beer is used to celebrate Oktoberfest so crack open your favorite cold one and enjoy!!! This is a wonderful time of the year.

Make your own Halloween costume

Get creative! Those store bought Halloween costumes are just not as awesome as you can be. Pinterest has some FABULOUS ideas on there! You could do a group costume idea, couple costume or individual! There is an endless realm of possibilities. Take advantage of this time of the year to get your creative juices flowing!! Have fun with it and do not forget to post. I would definitely love to see some of your Halloween ideas, so tag me on Instagram so I can see your cool costumes.

Get some nostalgic candy for the Trick O’ Treaters!

What was your favorite candy to get when you were little? Grab some and hand them out! Maybe kids nowadays are not as familiar with them but you can introduce that tasty goodness to them! I used to love those little gelatin burgers + hot dog candies, popeyes cigar sticks, rockets, etc. I was a candy fiend. Plus those kids in costumes are so adorable!!!!

Do you have some other fun suggestions for people to do during this season? Suggest them by commenting below!

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