I am in my final year in college and I am almost done!!! My biggest fear right now is having bad luck and screwing up last minute. This fear has built up my anxiety in this final stretch. Am I going to survive? Will I make it to the next step in my life? On top of being in exam week right now, I am also in the middle of hiring processes with potential organizations I could work for after I graduate. So on top of dealing with drowning in school work, I am also coming to terms that I am an adult now. I am about to have my first big girl job. I am going to not be able to wake up at 2pm anymore and roll out of bed at 6pm. Getting a full-time career means going to be at a decent hour, instead of when the sun is rising.

With all this going on in my head right now, focusing on exam week has become extremely difficult. Necessary BUT difficult! So, how do I do it? How have I survived the worst week of many students lives? Exam week. Keep reading if you would like to find out how I have managed to survive.


SLEEP… as much as you can.

Now obviously, you may not get your full 7-9 hours of sleep you need every single night. So sleep whenever you can. If you have time for a nap midday, take it! If you are tired, your work will not resonate in your mind anyways. You may as well feel fresh and then crack down and do your work! Sleep is so important. Seriously, get as much sleep as you can during exam week.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Something that really helps me is maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I try to upkeep this lifestyle everyday and not just this week. Sometimes you can lose track of your healthy lifestyle when you are stressed out. You may forget to eat. It is so important to try to maintain an extremely healthy lifestyle as much as possible even in moments of weakness. I force myself to take an hour out of my day to head to the gym. Eating extremely healthy rather than falling in the trap of take out food has helped me as well. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle during exam week has helped me stay motivated and healthy. So worth it!

Choose your environment wisely.

It is so important to not try to study in environments that will distract you. If you do try to study in a place that is distracting whether its the place or people around you, you are wasting your time! You are going to be wasting hours and not resonate anything that is necessary. You will go home and have learned nothing. So pick your environment wisely and constantly put yourself in places that you can easily focus in! I go to Starbucks alone and sometimes the library. Easiest places for me to focus.

Make exam reviews in advance!!!

Try to finish your exam reviews prior to exam week. That way when you are done your reviews all you have to do is review what you have already written. Your mind will memorize everything a lot quicker when you have already written it down yourself.

HANDWRITE!!! Do not type your reviews first.

The last one leads me into this one… try to handwrite everything!!! Naturally everyone memorizes everything when they handwrite it compared to typing it out. I usually handwrite my reviews first then I will type them out for easier reading afterwards! This has been a huge help for me. I handwrite everything during class as well. All my notes are handwritten, rather than typed on my laptop. It has helped me soooo much and I promise it will help you!


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