Revlon Taking Beauty To The New Extremes With Their “Feeling Lippie” Pop-Up In Toronto!

Revlon is currently holding a “Feeling Lippie” pop-up in Toronto. Beauty companies like Revlon have been taking their products to the new extremes. They have been inventing innovative beauty products that are catching so many people’s eyes. Rihanna came out with her Fenty Beauty line that made every skin color feel as beautiful as they are. Too Faced came out with the 3-in-1 Concealer. Or what about Too Faced Hangover 3-in-1 Primer + Setting Spray + Refresher? There have been so many awesome new products lately! I personally love staying up to date with them all. Especially from companies who are cruelty-free. A company like Revlon is mostly cruelty-free. Unfortunately, companies like China have a mandatory law for foreign beauty companies to test on animals so they have to there. So as a result of selling there, they are not completely cruelty-free.

However, most beauty companies because of China’s rules can not be if they want to sell there still. We can not completely hold this issue against the company. However, this should definitely be something people of China should be protesting against. Revlon’s “Feeling Lippie” VIP experience was an amazing experience! The event was organized so well so it was executed flawlessly! From the moment I walked in, I loved every moment.

As soon as you are enter you are greeted by a lovely lady who lets you know about each station. You could take a boomerang in their one station, look at Revlon’s newest products, get ICE CREAM in another! There was a fortune teller who read your fortune from your lips. They even had an engraving section for the lipsticks, which was so nice.

Obviously, the first thing Angeline and I did was do a boomerang, which ended up being so cute! If you follow me on Instagram @eldashawil, you would have seen it in my story. You can also find it in my “LIFE” highlights. By the way, Angeline is one of my close friends who is a make up artist/beauty vlogger. I totally recommend checking out her Instagram page by clicking HERE. Her Youtube channel is linked in her Instagram profile bio. She is beyond stunning as you can see in the cute main photo of this blog post.

After we took our extra boomerang, we went to check out the new products Revlon released. I ended up leaving with two of the three new products from their release. Here are images of the three newer products Revlon is offering:

Revlon Pop-Up in Toronto

Revlon Pop-up in Toronto

Revlon Pop-Up in Toronto

I received a cushion lip tint and the Revlon Super Lustrous Matte with Everything Lipstick at the Pop-Up in Toronto. They were both so easy to apply and amazing! I fell in love with the lipstick. Plus I got mine engraved, which you can also see that in my Instagram LIFE highlight!

After reviewing some of their products, we headed down to see what some of their other stations were like. There was an ice cream station, which looked great but when you are lactose intolerant… that is not the greatest station. However, I fell in love with these HUGE cushions you can sit on and decided to get extra with the photos on them.

Pop-Up in Toronto

How cute am I? My outfit even matches the cushion so you already know I had to take advantage of that. My dress is from Loft if anyone was wondering. I love Loft! They have the cutest stuff and such great quality. I definitely recommend checking them out! Here is another photo of me on a pink cushion blowing you all a kiss:

There was also a fortune teller down here but unfortunately, that station was way too busy and we never got a chance to see her since we had to head out. It definitely looked awesome and people were loving her so I am sure it was great! Better luck next time for me…was hoping she would tell me I was getting engaged soon or something crazy.

Kind of off topic, but I went to a fortune teller recently and she told me she sees an engagement in my near future. I do not even have a man so this was super interesting. I wonder how fast my next relationship is going to move on. Anyways guys, stay tuned for the extra engagement photos! Anyone who knows me already knows I have them planned out since I was 16. Be excited to see them!

Anyways, back to the real topic of discussion. Revlon did amazing with the Pop-Up in Toronto. It is open to the public this weekend so I recommend checking it out if you are in the area! It is definitely worth it. If you have any questions for me, feel free to contact me through my contact form by clicking here.

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