Self Care Ideas You Can Do Right From Your Own Home

Self care is something people really forget about regularly. Self care is also one of the most important things to remind yourself to do. Especially during tough times like these where you are stuck at home. It is so important to remind yourself to take some time for yourself. Self care can come in different forms. Everyone has their own unique version of self care. So there is no one box fits all version of self care. You have to find your own method that helps make you feel better.

I used to never put focus on this…

Due to that, I felt a lot of stress and was always burning out. Eventually, I decided I would try many different things to see what fit best with me. It is so important to try different ideas to see what puts you most at ease. You can be the type of person that enjoys meditation or yoga, or you can be the type of person who slaps on a face mask and calls it a day. There are so many different ways to care for yourself and it is extremely important to figure out what calms your soul.

Ideas for Self Care I suggest trying:

First, I would like to suggest exercise. Whether that be an hour a day weight lifting, or doing yoga. Just exercise. Not only does this help you mentally, but it also helps maintain your health, which is so key! This is a huge positive influence in my life. I take an hour a day to exercise. Normally I weight train for 45 minutes to one hour a day. In the morning, I like to do 15-30 minutes of yoga practice for relaxation. Combining both of these sessions in my day has helped me immensely. On days I neglect them, I definitely feel more like a couch potato and unhappy/on edge with everything else.

Second, something that helps put a lot of people at ease is meditation. This one is a bit more difficult to get into but I still recommend trying it. I have been practicing meditation since I was 16 years old. It is something that I have made part of my routine especially on busier days. I do not really meditate on weekends. However, during my busy week I definitely take at least 10 minutes a day to just lay there or sit in a comfortable position to reflect quietly with my thoughts. There are so many resources both on Google and Youtube that can really help you jump start your knowledge of meditation.

Thirdly, this is something that has helped me a lot – writing. This is definitely something that not everyone can go to and enjoy but I love it. Keeping a journal has helped me out day to day. Even if I am writing just one line for the day. On top of my journal, I have Elentity, which I love and has helped me as an outlet to my thoughts too. Writing challenge for you: write one good thing that happens to you every single day. It can be something extremely small like the sun shining or you not missing a sock in your laundry. Anything at all. Write it down. Writing down a positive thing every single day, has actually been proven to help a lot of people with their anxiety.

Fourth idea for your self-care is: skincare! When your skin feels great, so do you! Invest in some natural, great face masks and slap one on your face. Honestly, even for 15 minutes, having a face mask on to detoxify your skin, is so relaxing. My favorite brands are: Ole Henriksen, Peter Thomas Roth, Sephora (surprisingly their blue clay mask is solid), and I use a random avocado dead sea mud mask from Amazon that I find to be one of the best masks ever! I spend some time every single morning and evening to apply all my other skincare from toner, serum, moisturizer, eye cream, etc. This time I invest in my skin really keeps me feeling positive since my skin is always glowing cause of my awesome products!

The fifth idea is something a lot of us forget is setting screen time limits for yourself. Especially with quarantine, it is extremely tough to not always be on a computer or your phone or tablet. Since when you think about it, what else is there to do?! This is something I still need to do some work on but I have been pretty good. On weekdays, I work and stare at a screen all day, which I hate! So, I try to meditate after work and go on a walk to just get away from screens and breathe. I love to use up some of my time for a hot bath during the week as well. I have a bad habit of using my phone before bed but honestly, we all are going to have a couple bad habits!! Usually I tire myself out to the point where I do not check my phone but when I don’t care to fall asleep at that exact moment, I definitely love a little bit of TikTok and Instagram swiping (which I do not feel guilty for).

This sixth idea is very important: remember to go outside! Definitely something we all forget to do on some days, but it is SO important to get yourself outside. Obviously on rainy days, you are probably like me and love being a lazy couch potato those days. But on a normal day, give yourself some outdoor time! Go on a walk. Even if it is for 15 minutes, just get yourself moving and get some fresh air! It will definitely help you not feel so locked in during quarantine. Take time to go for a walk, jog or even a hike if there is a trail open right now near you!

Suggestion number seven, maintain a healthier diet!! Being at home makes it easy to fall into a spiral of binge eating. However, it is so key to avoid eating junk food all day. It is totally okay to treat yourself here and there, but maintaining an overall healthy diet is key to feeling good! I do not buy things that tempt me anymore. I try to avoid purchasing bags of chips in my place and if I do, I set a limit to myself on how much I can eat.

Those are my 7 tips for self-care!

There are obviously much more ideas and you can find many more online. But those are my suggestions on what works for me on daily basis. I hope after reading this, you improve your own self-care because it is so important to have your me time so you do not experience burn out! If you have any suggestions, I would love to hear them so please do comment below! I am always down to try new things when it comes to self-care!


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  1. Great post!

    I need to meditate and resume my daily skin care routine. I agree with keeping yourself motivated each day! I also find – reading or colouring also helps with anxiety – it’s a way to stay away from the screen and you force your mind to focus on the task at hand!

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