So many girls my age are dying to enter their next relationship. People forget how great it is being single because they are so distracted looking for love. But why? Why do we need someone’s company romantically to feel like we are living a fulfilling live? We are only in our early 20s, we have so much going for us that needs our attention; a relationship does not need to be our main focus just yet.

I am not saying we should be content with loneliness forever because that is the way to go. Definitely not. If you find the love of your life, hold onto them because that is rare. But you do not need your life to revolve around finding this person. Let it come to you and I promise you, it will. However, if you happen to be single in your early 20s, embrace it. You will not be single forever and now is the time you can just focus on yourself.

I am currently 22 years old and LOVING being single. That is not a just loving being single because I am and I have no other choice. I am genuinely HAPPY and can not imagine living my life any other way right now. It took me a while to be content with loneliness. However, I got my heart broken and my life flipped upside down after. I did not want my life to be all about a person but rather, about ME and my happiness!



¬†Focusing on my career…

Being single means not being distracted by anything. This is the age where you can work your hardest and get to where you want to be before you settle down.  At this point in my life I would like to put my whole entire focus on my career. You have the opportunity to put your entire focus on your career growth right now. In a few years, you could be married and having children. Unfortunately, once you have kids, your time becomes all about them! So, this is the age where you can actually put your full focus on your career and nothing else.


Yours 20s are about self-discovery. In high school, you are what people want you to be unfortunately. You are finally at that age where life becomes all about you. You can focus on doing things where you learn more about yourself. Finally, you have a lot of time to focus on yourself and who you are becoming. You begin to learn new things constantly about yourself and it is nice to have that time alone to reflect on who you are becoming.

Do a Solo Trip!!!

You may never have another opportunity to go out there and do something thrilling. Travel somewhere on the other side of the world alone. You may never get another chance to do something so scary to many! I am currently planning my first solo trip to Southeast Asia and Australia. I am both excited and nervous, but I know – going back to self-discovery – that I will learn so many new things about myself. As well, I will appreciate outside cultures way more when doing this. Plus I am so excited to have an itinerary that I get to choose and no one else has any say on it.

Study more, Study harder…

We all know that when you are in a relationship, you sometimes get distracted from your other responsibilities. Being single when you are in post-secondary is something that will be so rewarding for your grades. You do not have anything else to worry about but your school. You may be done post-secondary and looking to do your Masters degree. If you have done your Masters, you know that you need a lot of time and effort to complete it. You have the opportunity to put your full efforts into your new degree. This is your time!

You do not have to report to anyone!!

Sometimes you fall into a relationship with a crazy person – I know I have! You have to let them know when you sleep in so they are not worried about you when you did not message them at your normal time. You have to let them know when you leave your home every single time and where you are going. Basically, you have to tell them every move you make in order to be considered “trust worthy.” Nothing is nicer for me right now than not having to report to anyone. I can do anything I want and not have to worry about letting anyone know.

Go on dates with many different people!

One of the most exciting things about being single is you can constantly go on random little dates. You learn so much about different kinds of people. 90% of these dates may never lead to a second date but they are such a good experience. Plus, first dates are so fun and awkward at the same time. They even lead to a good story to tell sometimes. Plus, you never know who you will meet. If you have yourself tied down from a young age than you will never know what is out there. This is your chance to explore your options and fall in love with the right person indefinitely.

Your validation comes from your experiences, not people.

When people get themselves into serious relationships, they tend to look at their significant other for validation. They constantly seek their approval. I remember when I was dating someone, I would ask them if my new haircut was nice and if they said no, I would be upset and feel like I failed. Being single – my validation comes from my new projects I am undertaking like this blog. Or my volunteering experiences. The changes I am actually making are validating me and not a person anymore. It makes me feel great.

So there you have it, do not be upset that you are single – instead, be excited and use it as your time for yourself!

There you have it!!!! If you are single and upset about it, I hope reading this helps you be content with where you are currently. Take advantage of this period in your life. I promise you it probably will not last long. You will find the person for you eventually but find them when you are climbing Mount Everest, find them on the other side of the world, find them when you are stable in your career, etc. Find them when you are happy!!! You will be so much more appreciative of the love you are given, when you are loving yourself.

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