All about my experience with the Oxygeneo Facials and Radio Frequency Eye Treatments to save lives!

If you know me, you know I have a huge obsession with my skin. So you obviously know when I heard about the Oxygeneo facials I had to know everything about it. The last two months, my skin has been working against me. I do not know what little devil went in there and decided to mess with my skin but it did. I went for a threading appointment and my skin decided to react really poorly to it. It has been two months and I still have them!

Originally I was using Ole Henriksen Vitamin C line and loved it. I decided to switch to The Ordinary brand and completely regretted it. It made the irritation worse. I went back to Ole Henriksen Vitamin C and it was slowly getting better. However, it has not completely went away. I was praying for an answer on how to improve my skin. My prayers were answered when I discovered a spa up in Vaughan, Ontario that provides Oxygeneo facials.

Enriched Med Spa in Vaughan has been life changing! Click here to visit their website. Click here to visit their Instagram. 

If you are looking for any services ranging from botox to facials to laser hair removal to just about anything, definitely check them out! They are so nice and make you immediately comfortable, which is SO important! I had the pleasure of meeting Richel and Vanessa during my visit. Both made my experience lovely and I honestly wish I could just stay there forever. Just stay there and constantly be getting different things done. Sounds like the good life. Also sounds like the Real Housewives of Orange County’s lives.

Back to the important stuff… the treatments at this Godly place!! This spa is extremely clean and if you are OCD about cleanliness like me, this is something that is super important! As soon as I walked in, they already received 10 points for cleanliness. After that, I was greeted by the two sweetest ladies ever, Richel and Vanessa! They definitely make you feel extra pretty and sometimes you need that boost of confidence sometimes.

Radio Frequency Eye Treatment

I probably will not be using any of the proper terms so this is going to be more of a treatment explanation for dummies. We started off with the Radio Frequency Eye Treatment. All I remember was this gel going on and the fun beginning after that. They grabbed a tool that was rolling around my eye and heating up my eye area. It felt amazing. Eventually it gets really hot but it felt amazing for me, so I never wanted it to end. Basically the purpose of this is to tighten the skin area around the eyes. I have fine lines around my eyes so I definitely wanted something that helps with it. It definitely noticeably tightened my skin around my eye after the first time doing it. Also, you will notice a little bit of an eye lift effect with your eyebrows! I was definitely impressed already.

Time for the fun of Oxygeneo Facials!

Next step was the main course. Oxygeneo Facials are known to be a 3 in 1 super facial. They are the new generation of Oxygen facials! Visit my instagram page to see the highlighted story on my experience with it. Click HERE for my Instagram page (do not forget to follow). It was SO relaxing! The purpose of this is to reduce fine lines, helps with hyper pigmentation, dark spots, etc. I asked to really put focus under my eyes because I do have dark circles there. Once it was over I immediately saw results. It was incredible. I can not stress it enough how much I recommend this facial. It is worth every penny you pay!

The Next Day…

The moment of truth was how I felt when I looked into the mirror when I woke up. I felt INCREDIBLE! My make up went on so easily and I barely needed any. I was not putting on as much concealer as I normally do which felt amazing. As someone who is super insecure about her under eyes, nothing made me happier than being content with the way they appeared with make up for once. It was definitely a confident booster!

Next steps…

Well I definitely be going back because my experience was incredible! I plan to go back next week for a second Oxygeneo treatment. It felt so good and you gotta treat yourself sometimes! I recommend all of you to try it once at least to see what I mean. I totally recommend contacting Enriched Med Spa either through their contact info on their website or through Instagram. They are definitely the best at what they are doing! I had a perfect experience there. Not one thing could have made it any better. I rate it 12/10.

I am posting a giveaway today at 3pm for an Oxygeneo Facial at Enriched Med Spa on my Instagram page. Make sure you are following myself by clicking here, and following Enriched Med Spa by clicking here. The giveaway ends this Sunday at 11:59pm so make sure you follow the rules on my post and enter! You do not want to miss out on this opportunity!

If you have any experience with the Oxygeneo facial or another facial treatment you would like to share, leave a comment below! I would love to read about it and I am sure everyone else would too! Thanks for reading my elentities!

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