New Netflix Thriller “Bird Box” has taken over the internet – overrated or worth the watch?

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Netflix released a new post-Apocalyptic thriller film called “Bird Box.” This film caused some abnormal hype all over social media. Naturally, I was eager to watch this movie. Maybe it was my high exceptions, but this film was by far the most disappointing film I have watched. First off, I love the actors in this film – I am a huge Sandra Bullock and Sarah Paulson fan. When it comes to acting, this film did a great job with casting. They had an extremely talented group of people starring in this thriller. So it was definitely not the acting that was an issue with this film.

The Concept Of This Film…

The concept was amazing. The idea of removing your blindfold and seeing your biggest fear, which results in your death is pretty intense. This concept was remarkable and not a common one in most thriller films. It was definitely an exciting one that kept viewers intrigued. You never got to see these individual’s fears in the film, they just seem like they are seeing something terrifying and then commit suicide. That was already frustrating as you did want to know what they saw. However, I understood that maybe they thought it was best the audience does not ever realize what the specific fears were.

What was the issue?

The concept was great, the acting was magnificent but the movie lacked substance. It just felt like something was missing the entire time. You did not really receive any answers, and you never really understood why any of this was happening to them. They had an amazing idea but they could have done so much more with it. I wanted to know what caused this, why it was happening and why specific people were not killing themselves when their eyes were open outside. I did not receive any of the answers I desperately wanted. The answers that would have made the movie make more sense. Instead, the movie felt incomplete at the end.

The entire time I was watching it I felt confusion. There were moments I was anxious for the characters but I did not develop any emotional attachment to them. In most thrillers, because of the storyline, you develop an attachment to the characters. However, since this film lacked answers and substance, I did not get attached to these characters. Instead I was waiting the entire time for the movie to make sense, and it just never did. Nothing fell into place.

The ending…

The ending was definitely interesting because they ended up finding their way to Janet Tucker School for the Blind. This was definitely an interesting concept again. You realize that those who are blind do not have to worry about this creature impacting them as they can not see anyways. Again though, another great idea they could have done so much more with. The movie just ended shortly after they discovered this place and felt safe.

It was extremely frustrating when this film ended and I just sat there staring at my friend saying, “that is it?” I thought about all the hype on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. Makes you wonder if you were watching the same thing as some of these people. First of all, the movie was not scary at all. There were articles that some could not even finish the film because of how scary it was. I felt the movie to be anything but scary. In this case, it was a thriller but it was not that thrilling to watch.

I still wonder what people enjoyed of it. However, thank God when you read actual reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, the movie was rated poorly. If it was up to me, I would give the film a 40% on Rotten Tomatoes. The only reason I would give it more than a 10% is because of the actors and the idea was great. Could they have made it 100x better? For sure.

What did you like/dislike about the film?

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