Say GOODBYE to Tampons and Pads ladies, Organicup is in the game and it is here to stay!

Like most women, I first started off my ladyhood by using pads, until I realized how gross they are. Sitting in my own blood was not my thing so I upgraded my life to tampons. Tampons were pretty life changing. A feeling most people who switch from pads to tampons know. It feels so clean and harmless. The only thing you have to fear with tampons is that you do need to change it often to prevent diseases like Toxic Shock Syndrome. Or so I thought that was my only concern… However, I realized there is so much more to worry about when it comes to feminine products than just Toxic Shock Syndrome. If only life for us women were that easy. Let’s face it…women never have it easy.

The Problems We Face With Feminine Hygiene Products

There are two things being impacted negatively by your use of pads and tampons. Yourself and the planet. Not only do they have consequences in using them for yourself, they are also quite harmful to the environment. They generate a lot of waste, which harms the environment in the end. On average in 10 years, a woman will use about 3,600 pads or tampons. That is a whole lot of waste for every single female who menstruates to produce in 10 years. Most tampons and pads have some sort of plastic packaging or applicator attached to them. As most of us know already, plastic is one of the largest pollutants on the planet right now. You could say there are the cardboard applicators for tampons. However, cardboard is still not that environmentally friendly. Especially considering a few trees had to be knocked down to create all of those applicators.

Now what about your own health being impacted?

Unfortunately, they come with a price towards your health. Tampons can lead to toxic shock syndrome if you accidentally leave the tampon in for too long. Thankfully this is not common as it would really take a long time to have that happen. However, tampons are known to cause vaginal dryness. Outside of absorbing just blood, they also absorb other fluids in your vagina. The downfall of this? A lot of those fluids are necessary. The tampons absorbing these necessary bodily fluids is causing vaginal dryness in many women. More than a quarter of the fluids absorbed in a tampons are natural and necessary vaginal secretions.

A huge red flag when it comes to tampons and pads is that those companies making them are not required to disclose ingredients. So you do not even know what is going into them fully! People think it is just cotton but that is ignorance, of course there are additives in there that could be harmful. How can you be so comfortable knowing that you do not know what is fully entering your body when using them?

So who is this new player in the game and how they changed the game…

I know you might be thinking you have no choice but to use them, but you do have another option! An option that will save you a ton of money, help save the planet and also keep your vagina in natural order. Menstrual cups are the new black. Specifically Organicup – click here to visit their website. There are many brands for menstrual cups, however, Organicup have definitely changed the game. They are made with 100% medically grade silicone – no BPA, latex or dyes. Plus it lasts you years, and if used correctly, you can use it for up to ten years! That is a whole lot of money you will save when not buying pads or tampons. Check out their certifications:

The greatest part about Organicup? You are supporting a company that is passionate about the product they make and helping women out. They work with several different organizations around the world to help bring their awesome product to young women who need them. This includes young ladies in Kenya that do not have the resources to purchase tampons/pads every month.

My experience trying Organicup for the first time…

I was a little nervous at first and as you might be too when you look at the cup. However, have no fears, if inserted correctly you will not leak! Also you can keep the Organicup in for much longer than a tampon. The best part is its purpose is to collect blood, not absorb it like a tampon. So you will not have any necessary fluids being absorbed so you will have a healthy vagina! Anyways…back to my first experience.

I can not lie to you – the first few times you try inserting it, you will probably fail. I read up on some women’s experience that it takes them 3-4 menstrual cycles to really get it right. However, the majority once they do finally understand how to insert it properly, they fall in love with using them. Same experience for me. The initial insertion was tedious but once I had it inserted correctly, I could not imagine my life without one.

I could not believe how well it collected blood, in comparison to tampons or pads. It really does collect a whole lot more blood, plus overall, feels more hygienic! There are different methods of insertion you can use so you can test out, which one makes it easier for you. However, I found the punch down method to be the easiest. I actually got the punch down method and other methods I tried from the Organicup instagram. If you do not already, you should really follow their page by clicking here. They post awesome content!

What about the cleaning process?

It was so easy to clean it! I was definitely concerned about the cleanliness afterwards. However, all I did was dump out the cup in the toilet then rinse it afterwards. Cleaned really easily! I recommend buying Organicup’s cleaner so you can clean it in between periods using that. Otherwise there are multiple ways you can clean it, including boiling it in between periods. However, regardless of how you choose to clean it, it all is really simple!!

Would I ever go back to tampons and pads?

Probably not. I did not absolutely dread having my period for the first time. Organicup just makes it feel easier throughout the day especially with less of a chance to leak. It definitely kept my mind at ease when I was at work or working out. I found the biggest difference being when I was working out with it. Usually I always feel like I could leak when I am doing my heavier workouts, however, I did not get that feeling this time. So thank you Organicup for making my workout a little less painful during my time of the month!

Plus it is about $40 Canadian but it can last you up to ten years! We all know how expensive tampons/pads get throughout the year. So that one time cost of $40 may seem initially a lot, but it is much less of a cost than even 6 months of tampons! So money wise, menstrual cups are definitely the budget friendly alternative to menstrual products! On top of that, you also know you are supporting a great cause and helping make change in the way we treat our planet.

I even used the Organicup period saver calculator to see how much I would be saving until menopause if I switch to Organicup! Here are my results:

What are you waiting for? Go order your Organicup!

Use my code: Elda20 to get 20% off your purchase! Code expires May 31st so get your first Organicup today! You will not regret it, I promise!! If you have any questions or feel nervous, feel free to contact me through my contact form OR send me a direct message on Instagram by clicking here. Remember to follow me on Instagram to keep up with latest updates!

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  1. I love this post! I’ve been thinking about switching for some time now but I haven’t been able to. Now that I read this, I’ll be switching to Organicup!

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      Yay! Glad to know my post has influenced you to switch over! It is literally amazing!!! Use my code Elda20 for a discount so you save some money. 🙂

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