Seven Films To Watch If You Are Experiencing Heartache!

You might have just went through a break up or even something that felt like one. You do not even need to be dating somebody to feel like it is the end of the two of you. Regardless of what your relationship status was, anything coming to an end just sucks. Especially when you wish it would not end. You assume that there is something wrong with you and you just want to be in a blanket burrito forever. If you are anything like me during these times, you love to watch depressing romance films to get you through it. I do not know what it is about watching other people suffer your pain too that makes you feel better. Maybe it is because you are not the only one out there feeling that way. I created a list of seven films that you should probably watch after you go through this rough patch in life.

(500) Days of Summer

…because you will feel a lot better when you realize there may not be the perfect ending for others too.

John Tucker Must Die

…the title says it all but it is so satisfying watching a serial cheater get some revenge. (Even if it is a happy ending in the end)

He’s Just Not That Into You

…This movie is so realistic. We always go after the ones who are playing hard to get when the one we belong with may be under our nose the entire time.

Inside Out

…If you have not seen this already, you are missing out!!

How To Be Single

…Judging from this ones title, I do not really have to explain this one.

The Other Woman

This movie really represents how ladies sticking together in the end is EVERYTHING.

How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days

This movie is hilarious and dramatic. Plus it shows you that you may never see the love of your life coming.

So that is my top seven movies I can watch over and over again whenever I am experience heartache. 

If you have any other recommendations for others to watch, please do share them!! I am sure everyone would love to watch and cry to them too.

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