Summer 2020: How To Make The Most Out Of It With Everything Going On

Let’s be real. Your summer plans have ruined. All the pool bars, the vacations you had planned, parties, are all no more. I know I had a lot of expectations. My trip to California to meet my new niece got cancelled so I won’t be there. I was eager to visit Banff this year and that got cancelled too. As disappointing as all this is, it is important to make the most out of the summer anyways.

Look no further!

I have decided to make the most out of my summer with some shift of plans. All you need is: positivity and some willingness to have some fun! As disappointed as I am that I can’t have my original summer plans – my new summer plans are just as great.

I am visiting places in my province I haven’t discovered yet, doing things I have never done and just am truly living my life to the fullest, all while spending time with people I care most about.

Down to the juicy stuff, what am I doing?!

Biking around the city

I have always had a fear of biking around the city because of the cars. I finally got to put on my big kid pants (thanks to my boyfriend) and ride a bike around downtown Toronto. You never realize how much you can discover of your own city, simply by biking around it. Since I got my bike, I have biked across the entire downtown area. I even discovered beaches around the city, different parks I never knew about and small local shops.


I have never slept in a tent before but this summer will be my first time. Again, with being a bit more courageous thanks to my boyfriend, I am giving it a shot. I love nature so I feel like I will enjoy camping. If it was not for the push of finding stuff to do that can be done with covid around, I probably would not have given camping a chance. We are planning to go to Tobermory, ON to camp first. If I like it, who knows? Maybe another camping trip will be planned to Algonquin Park. Opening myself up to activities I was closed off to before has been such an exciting part of my quarantine.

Discovering new places

This is also incorporated in the other activities above, but nothing makes me happier than discovering new places. The time I have had has made me feel like an explorer. I have a huge list of places that are driving distance to go to all summer. This includes: Tobermory, Algonquin Park, Prince Edward, etc. All these places are in my province and are all so beautiful! I really recommend checking out what’s around you that you can go to.

Upgrading my CHEF skills

This has been a huge bonus to my time at home. I have learned how to bake bread, upgraded my salmon game, learning new recipes regularly. I never really enjoyed to cook until now. There have been so many awesome recipes I came across and now I found a love for cooking. Therapeutic activity – I must add! This is something I recommend everyone to try to do. Learn a new recipe this summer and impress yourself or those around you too! Maybe you will come out of all of this as a superstar chef! There are even virtual cooking classes happening right now that I totally recommend checking out.

Staying Positive!

Make the most out of your summer this year by staying positive! Seriously…it is so key to being happy and living in the moment. Figure out things you can do that will bring you joy and make the most out of what you have this year. Be grateful for what you have.

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