Doug Ford

People are angry. They are angry that their current Premier Kathleen Wynne has only impacted the province negatively. I agree whole heartedly that it is time for change and she is not the answer. However, Doug Ford is the furthest thing away from that answer. If you do not know, Doug Ford is the brother of Rob Ford. If you do not remember Rob Ford, he was the talked about mayor who excessively did drugs and publicly embarrassed himself. Unfortunately he passed away in 2016. Back to the real problem here… Doug Ford. This man continues to let me down with his campaign. I want positive change for Ontario and I know Doug Ford is not that change we need.

If you keep up with the news, you would have read that Doug Ford says he would open up Greenbelt for development. He claims this will help with our housing market prices issue. He called the Greenbelt “just farmer fields.” Doug Ford is the furthest thing from right when it comes to that statement. Although the Greenbelt is home to many local farms, it is far more than that. The GreenBelt also known as the Golden Horseshoe is a permanently (for now) protected area of green space, farmland, forests, wetlands, and watersheds, located in Southern Ontario. It is more than 2 million acres of land that is so incredibly beautiful. Here is a picture of part of the Greenbelt to show you some of its beauty:


Here is another one just to prove its beauty some more.


Moving on from its beauty…

 If you would like to read more about Doug Ford’s “promise” he is making to those money hungry builders, click HERE for the article.

This man is destroying a part of Ontario if he goes through with this. The Greenbelt serves a much larger purpose than just farmlands. MIND YOU… local grown food is always better for the country’s economy and its citizen’s health than imported foods. I do not know about you but I love seeing that Produce from Canada stickers on my fruits. Rather than Peru, Mexico, USA. The Greenbelt provides us all fresh food that is good for us. Doug Ford is ignoring that because unfortunately he could not care less about health since he is blinded by the money.

Outside of these farmlands, the Greenbelt holds many purposes. The Greenbelt contributes more than $9 billion in revenue for the province’s economy. Why would you want to remove something that is holding a huge chunk of our economy together? This just sounds like a recipe for disaster. He may alleviate some of the housing prices, however, other issues will only arise. If the economy crashes, people will not be able to afford any homes anyways. Let’s just NOT destroy the Greenbelt please.

The Greenbelt provides over 161,000 jobs for Canadians. These individuals lives would be impacted forever if the Greenbelt get destroyed. Also if he opens Greenbelt even a little for home construction, this will only encourage further construction. This will result in terrible consequences for our unemployment rates in Canada.

Outside of humans…

The Greenbelt is home to over 78 endangered species or at-risk species. I just do not understand how anyone has the heart to continue making species extinct willingly. There is no excuse for this one.

Doug Ford needs to go…

His mindset is the Canadian version of Donald Trump. Canada does not need a Trump. These men are everything Canada does not stand for. This does not need to be the path we go down.

So…what should you do for the next provincial election?

I understand you want change and so do I! I definitely do not want to see Kathleen Wynne on top of the game again… however, it is not just a race between Conservatives and Liberals. There are other parties. It is time for change and it is time for Ontario to not be run by Conservatives OR Liberals. I am not one to proclaim my vote in public normally. However, for this election I will gladly encourage everyone to vote Andrea Horwath, NDP party. Or we can all collectively agree to vote Green party and actually see GOOD change!!!

I think it is time to give NDP the pedestal and let them show us what they got.

VOTE NDP! Or Green!!!!

I hope after reading this you can take away exactly why Doug Ford’s recent proposal is a terrible idea!!!

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed.



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