A Little About My 11 Day Bender To Phoenix, San Francisco and Los Angeles

As many of you know, especially if you read my last post, know I was away on vacation recently. Yesterday’s post if you have not read it was a little more heartfelt. Discussing a little bump in the road I went through during my trip. You can read my post by clicking here. 

This post is not going to be so sappy. Instead I am going to tell you guys a little about what I did on my trip!! Overall, regardless of the shitty events that occurred…it was still pretty damn fun! Especially since I got to spend some time with my cousin Jessica.

Here is a photo of us in Arizona all dressed up.

Phoenix, AZ

I landed in the very hot state of Arizona on August 30th. The reason I went there was for the Assyrian convention that occurs every year. They held it this year in Phoenix, AZ and oh boy, was it hot… Seriously. The heat there is something else. I definitely got a little bit sick from the heat while there and I am not one who ever complains of it being too hot.

If you are wondering, the Assyrian convention is once a year in the states and allows my culture to get together. We are a smaller community in comparison to other cultures. We spend about five days together where we drink, dance and eat together. It is an awesome opportunity to connect with others who are just like me. I met the most amazing people at this convention. They all have huge hearts and I can not imagine not having met them now.

San Francisco, CA

The next leg of my trip was San Francisco. San Francisco reminds me so much of Toronto so I feel so at home there always. I spent the mornings exploring and the evenings visiting family members in the area. I am not sure if you have been to San Francisco but there is so much to explore in the city. Pier 39 being one of my favorites to go to every year. The otters are the cutest things EVER!! I can just stare at them pushing each other off all day. They melt my heart.

Another thing I love about San Francisco is the food!!!! Everything is just so delicious there and there is so many unique options. A new favorite of mine for brunch is The Grove – Yerba Buena. I went there for brunch and was beyond impressed. It has a cool spin on brunch and the service is great too. You really can not complain about this place so I definitely recommend checking it out if you are ever in the area.

Los Angeles, CA

My personal favorite place in the world. I love Los Angeles. Regardless of how much I hate how dirty it is. I love that city! In a year or two I expect to be living there, living my best life. Los Angeles is the perfect place for food options for someone like me. They accommodate so well to different diets, it is incredible! I am vegetarian and there are just so many options everywhere for me. That is probably one of my favorite things about LA. Next to the weather obviously. We were only in LA for a short period of time this time around though, so we could not have done much.

Our trip consisted of good food and drinks mainly. We also attempted to go to the beach but that failed. It was burning hot in the city and we drove to Venice Beach and it was FREEZING! We quickly went back to our Airbnb and laid out by the rooftop pool instead. Next best thing to a beach is a rooftop pool. Could not have complained about that at all.

Here is a picture of me by the pool looking like a whole entree.

Now on top of a lot of relaxing, I visited a restaurant I have never been to before. It was called Osteria Mozza. I could honestly say it was the best restaurant I have ever been to. I fully recommend it to anyone who is in the area ever. The food was divine! If you are okay with spending a little bit more on really good food, this place is for you! It is Italian and it is BEAUTIFUL! I totally recommend their burrata, grilled octopus and their cheesy ravioli. I wish I could eat there every single day.

I want to go back…

I am dying to be back in California as soon as possible. Fortunately for me I am planning a trip with my friends for November which should be super fun! I need to go back there with no emotions so I could fully enjoy myself. If any of you are in the area during American Thanksgiving weekend, definitely let me know.

Anyways, so that was my trip. Regardless of how emotional and frustrated I was, I had an amazing time in the end. My whole mission right now is how am I going to end up moving there. It motivates me every time I go there.

Thanks for reading my post 🙂

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