A Spontaneous Girls Trip In New York City – Did I meet my own Chuck Bass?

Definitely not. However, I channeled Gossip Girl throughout the entire weekend. First off, this was probably one of the most spontaneous trips I have done. Most people who know me, know I love to plan everything out a year in advance. We decided to go on this trip less than a month before and it all felt surreal. It was my best friend and I’s birthday this weekend so we thought it was the perfect timing to just do something unique.

When we were deciding on a place to stay, we could not think of anywhere else more suitable than the Empire Hotel. If you are a Gossip Girl fan, you would know, Chuck Bass owned this hotel. So obviously since our theme for the weekend was Gossip Girl, we wanted to stay there. The hope was to find our own Chuck Bass, unfortunately, we did not. FORTUNATELY, the hotel was beautiful and the staff as extremely friendly!! Could not have wanted anything more than the Empire Hotel.

Let’s Start From The Beginning…

We landed later than expected because of flight delays so we had to cancel our reservation at TAO, which was unfortunate. However, as soon as landed in the big apple, we got ready really quick and did what we do best. Get our dancing on at a club called Avenue. This was definitely an extremely fun night! Had some New Yorker pizza at the end of the night just to have the most perfect first night.

Our First Morning in New York City!

We all woke up extremely excited to take on the streets of New York City all day together. We started off our day in Soho where we had brunch at The Butcher’s Daughter. I recommend this restaurant to anyone going to either NYC or LA. Had an amazing experience at both locations. Food is lovely. Especially the eggs benedict. After brunch, we did something else we are good at…hit up all the amazing shopping on the streets of Soho. Soho felt like one big dream. One expensive dream too!!!! Remind me to go back to Soho when I win the lottery…it was incredible! Plus the architecture gave me such European vibes so I am not complaining.

After Soho, we decided to do something a little more tourist friendly. We did what all do when in New York for the first time…visit Times Square!!! Now, I do have to mention that it was a little bit disappointing. It was very cool that there were so many screens everywhere, however, would I go out of my way to see Times Square again? Probably not. I guess I have never been into the tourist side of things when I go on trips. There were just so many people there and not much to do. However, it is definitely a dream to have my photo in Time Square. No doubt about that one.

Did the night end here?

Definitely not! We went to Catch NYC after for dinner. I can not stress enough how much everyone needs to experience the food at this restaurant. If you are a seafood lover, you will fall in love with this restaurant. Right down from their Ceviche to their Octopus to just about anything they offer, it is all divine!

The Perfect Sunday

I wish I could repeat my Sunday in New York on an infinite loop. We woke up and had brunch, which was lovely. After that, we strolled to Central Park and walked around it. Central Park was a dream to me. It reminded me of everything I loved as a child. I definitely felt nostalgic being there – thinking of Home Alone 2 and Gossip Girl and all the other amazing films there. It was definitely my favorite part of my trip. Definitely made me feel like a New Yorker being there.

After Central Park, we walked over to see the MET steps. Anna Wintour unfortunately was not there. I really was hoping she would be there so I can ask her to invite me to the next MET Gala. Instead I took a typical photo on the steps – only dreaming of being invited to the Gala itself someday. A girl can dream. Being in the Upper East Side made me a little emotional. I could not stop thinking about all the moments between Serena and Blair on Gossip Girl that I used to go crazy over. This definitely felt like another home that I already knew all about, even though it was my first time there.

I fell in love…

I never thought New York would steal my heart the way it did. However, I will never forget NYC. I am already trying to plan my next getaway there. Nothing disappointed me. Everything about it felt right. It is definitely its own little world and if you have not been yet, you must go! New York is a whole other level of experience.

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“To Travel is To Live.” – Hans Christian Andersen

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